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10 Habits to Adopt for a More Fulfilling Life

At the end of the day, we all want a more fulfilling life. Isn’t that why we make so many New Year’s resolutions? It’s about gaining a better life than we already have, and often we want that with the least amount of effort possible.


I want to live a life that every day I can wake up and feel great. Fulfillment for me means that my health, wealth, relationships, and charity are covered.

  1. Health = How I feel physically, my mental stability, and general wellness

  2. Wealth = My financial status, being able to afford small/big luxuries

  3. Relationships = Family, friends, and dating are providing happiness

  4. Charity = Kindness to others and being globally conscience of other’s suffering

Those are the parts of my life that I want to thrive. One could say that a fulfilling life is borderline being a well-rounded person, and I agree. When you have a little bit of everything what more do you need?

Below are 10 habits that I believe can give your life a little bit of everything.

10 Habits of a Well-Rounded Person

1. Keep a planner

Planners are great for keeping track of events, goals, finances, and anything else under the sun. Find one that matches your needs and use it. My own keeps track of meetings, blog posts, and special events because those are things I don’t want to forget. It makes me feel more organized and life seem a tad more manageable.

2. Practice yoga

Yoga helps to strengthen the body and the mind. That’s why practicing yoga at least once a day for 5-10 minutes is a great habit to pick up. Increase strength, flexibility, and muscles with simple stretches that also help you to tune into your mind. And if forcing yourself to get off the couch is a problem, find a local yoga studio where you can also socialize with other people with the same focus.

3. Check in with people every two months

It’s as simple as a quick phone call or email to those you haven’t spoken to. We are all busy and life gets in the way, but just a few minutes of reminding someone that you’re thinking of them and want to get together for lunch goes a long way in building and strengthening relationships.

4. Keep your savings far, far away

This means not keeping your savings in a savings account you can easily transfer from. I use the Digit app for my savings and with the “Goal” system on the app, I don’t see the money that is accumulating and forget that it’s there. And transferring from it is kind of a pain. That means that the money I’m putting away for emergencies and a fancy vacation is safe when I accidentally spend too much on happy hour.

5. Hold the door open for people

It’s simple, doing nice things makes you feel nice. Take that extra step to hold the door open for people and see how it makes your life seem a little lighter. This also extends to smiling at strangers and letting others use the elevator first.

6. Be on time

When you are late, you are disrespecting every single person who was on time. You are saying that their time is not as important as yours. Even if you don’t intentionally mean it, that is the message it is sending. If you know that you are guilty of being late, trick yourself with saying you need to leave half an hour earlier. Not only will you be more respectful to those you’re meeting, but you’ll get to enjoy more of what you’re attending because you’re not missing the program/apologizing for being late.

7. Take vitamins

I am a big proponent of taking Vitamin D pills, because they simulate the effects of the sun. But everyone has vitamins that help with what they need. Taking vitamins for the needs of your body means that your body is getting everything it needs. Multi-vitamins are a great way to do that.

8. Tell people when you’re upset

As someone who bottles my emotions, learning to finally tell people when I’m upset/hurt from them has truly opened up my life. It has deepened friendships and helped lift the hurt from me by discussing it.

9. Buy luxury in moderation

I can live with buying the Target-brand baking soda. But I feel so special when I buy La Croix, despite cheaper sparkling water alternatives. A great habit for being financially stable is knowing which products to buy. Find which name brand products make you feel awesome (be it that fancy soap or a certain milk brand) and then buy the cheaper stuff for other things. This way your money feels like it’s rewarding you without spending your entire paycheck in one go.

10. Stay up-to-date on world news

Keeping up with world news and knowing what is going on with all the pain and hurt in our world helps build sympathy. Sympathy is important in dealing with pain and in understanding the struggle in the world around us. Many of us are fortunate and forget about what others go through. Reading the news helps us to understand and work to create a better world.


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