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10 Purchases That Changed My Life

If you’ve ever been to my home, you know that I’m constantly trying out new things. My bathroom is practically a Sephora. So when I buy something that is truly fantastic, it’s front page news. I will buy it over and over again because I know it works and I know it makes my life better. And I wouldn’t be an Enthusiast if I wasn’t excited about what I buy.

Starting in early 2018, I made the switch to start buying quality over quantity. Purchases that made an impact on my life rather than following the hottest product every month. And while it’s definitely a work in progress {hello curling iron I definitely didn’t need} my life is full of products that bring joy and ease to my life.

1. Cafe Escapes Chai Latte K Cups

I don’t drink coffee, but like most people I need my caffeine fix if I’m going to make it to lunch. My caffeine of choice is either green tea or chai, but I’m picking up a chai every day is $$$. Fast forward to last year when a Keurig made it’s way into my kitchen and these incredible K Cups. Takes me a total of 5 minutes to have a delicious cup of chai – seriously, this one isn’t watery – and I don’t have to spend a mint just to be alert at work.

2. Shampoo I trust

After years of getting by with washing every day and using the $2 bottle, I actually take care of my hair now. And washing it with something I know will take care of my hair means everything. Having a good hair day instantly boosts my mood and confidence in 90% of social situations. Lately I’ve been reaching for my Maple Holistics Silk18 which has reduced my Portland frizz so much and is cruelty-free.

3. Perfect crossbody bag

I’m traveling next month and I have been search for the perfect normal-life-and-travel crossbody. Something big enough to carry an iPad, book, wallet, water bottle, and miscellaneous life items, but small enough to not feel like I’m dragging a backpack while on adventures. After a lot of fails, I finally discovered this Fossil bag and I love it. Not only is it extremely adorable, but I’ve taken it everywhere since purchasing and I have zero complaints.

4. 9.7″ iPad

I had an iPad mini I used in college for PDFs and it’s gotten me this far. But when it died a few months ago, I was skeptical about what size to repurchase. After going with the 9.7″ I will say I can’t imagine going smaller. It’s great for reading books, playing games, and the screen is big enough that I don’t feel limited watching movies. It’s not too big that it limits portability, and it makes a terrific travel companion.

5. Aerosole loafers

Several years ago I splurged {I was a broke post-grad} on a pair of leopard-print loafers and they’ve become my favourite shoe ever. The padding is super comfortable (Aerosoles style) and I get so many compliments. They go with 80% of my wardrobe and probably make an appearance at least once a week. Between style, comfort, and practicality, they are by far the best shoe I’ve ever worn – especially for those long, long days.

6. Comfortable everyday bra

Just like many women, I complain about my bra all of the time. So when I finally made the switch away from Victoria’s Secret to something a little less mainstream, I was blown away at the result. After purchasing this bra {in multiple colors} I have noticed I don’t have back pains, the permanent rib bruising is fading, and I can wear bra all day with no complaints. A bra that doesn’t do you dirty is something I never thought I’d own, but now I own 4.

7. Spotify Premium

I listen to music all the time. In the morning getting ready, during my 40 minutes of commuting, while I’m working, during my lunchtime walk, and before bed while I’m online shopping. Spotify Premium is my best friend and the best $10 I spend all month. No limitations, lots of playlists, and did I mention that I can download my playlists for long drives? Yeah, it’s a winner.

8. Puffer jacket

Living in the PNW is not always sunshine and fir trees. For most of the year it’s cold and raining. Last year when I swallowed my pride and bought a black puffer jacket like every other PDXer I didn’t expect to fall so in love. I wear mine just about every day and I am always warm and don’t feel like a puffball like I do in those big winter coats.

9. Prescription sunglasses

When I finally got my license I knew that driving during the day was going to be a problem. I have baby blues that even the slightest sunshine makes them squint. So a pair of prescription sunglasses was on the menu, and I’ve never looked back. I love the pair I have and will probably buy more as I love options and I love being able to see while I’m driving.

10. No-fuss cleanser

With sensitive, oily combo skin, I’ve never found a cleanser I truly love. A few have been good options, but nothing compares to the CeraVe option I found in Target. A talk with my dermatologist about choosing no-fuss products that don’t irritate skin helped make the change, and the huge improvement in my skin since the change (and the fact that I don’t need to wear makeup every day) has made the switch that much better.

*Some products in this post were gifted, but all opinions are blogger’s own.

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