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10 Starts to Getting That Healthy Life

It’s time for another one of my health revolutions!

I won’t lie to you guys. I have been horrible about my health and fitness over the last year. And I while I don’t have very good excuses (I started university again, bought a guinea pig, got into a new relationship and then proceeded to busy myself with everything) I know that I need to get back on track. It was at a recent visit at the doctor’s that I realized, “You let yourself go. And you promised yourself you weren’t going to do that.”

So it’s time I kept my promise to myself.

10 Ways You Are Going to Start Being Healthy and Getting Off That GodForsaken Internet

(But Don’t Really Get Off the Internet Because Morgan Posts Great Content You Need to Keep Reading)

1. Get an app

If you’re attached to your smartphone, this is a great way to start your new healthy life. There are lots and lots of apps that are for losing, maintaining and gaining weight. They will track your diet, your exercise and various other things depending on what app you choose. Personally, after checking out a few, I’ve really liked MyPlate. I find it a design-savvy app that tracks my food, water intake, exercise and it even tracks my steps during the day so it subtracts my calories from that. I’ve really liked this app, but definitely find one that works best for you!

2. Detox water

As you learned in my last post, I am currently obsessed with detox water. And after searching around Pinterest for recipes, I’ve decided that always having detox water in your fridge is the best idea. Not only does it make drinking more water enticing, but it’s better for you too.

3. Start walking

If working out at first isn’t going to work for you, then walking is your best bet. If I don’t have time to work out during the day, getting a walk in is a great health trick. Whether it’s walking home after classes, going from my apartment to the teahouse downtown or going to the park on the weekend, getting a walk is in really important to do.

4. Find time in your day

Don’t think you have time for your daily work out? The trick to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is sticking to a schedule. Once you decide what exercises you want to do, make a weekly plan of when you’ll have time to work out. When you have a set time, you’re more likely to work out.

5. Get a buddy


6. Clean your cupboards

If you’re a junk food lover, it’s time to clean those cupboards. Go through your cupboard and take out everything that isn’t going to benefit your health. However, don’t limit yourself on sweets or light junk foods. Sometimes you’re going to need those, so it’s good to have 90% clean food and 10% sweets in your cupboards.

7. Make a plan

Make a schedule. Find when you’ll have time to work out, time to eat and when to prepare your meals. As I said before, having a plan is really going to make you motivated to follow your plan and ultimately get to your goal. I also think a plan is really beneficial because organization will make everything easier and not overwhelm you.

8. Do stuff outside

When you’re outside you get Vitamin D, which gives you energy, meaning that your body naturally feels the need to move. If you want to get some more activity in your day, going outside is super helpful. So go outside and get some sun and some exercise!

9. Plan your meals

So, here’s the thing, figuring out what you’re going to eat when you’re busy is next to impossible. And that’s why you have to plan your meals. Sit down at the beginning of the week (it’s best before you go grocery shopping) and figure out what you’re going to eat. Choose healthy meals. This is great for eating healthy, not overeating and saving money.

10. Find inspiration

Feeling down on your goal? Go online and find inspiration. Reach out to friends. Inspiration is the best way to keep yourself motivated even on your worst days.


Stay classy, Internet,










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