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10 Things I Can’t Live Without

I’m a person of simple needs. I’m not very complicated or fussy. But without certain things, I’m just a blob of flesh. So, to let you all in on what makes me tick, here is my list of ten things that I most definitely cannot live without. (besides air, food, water, and shelter)

1. Scarves

Some of my actual scarves. These are all my favorite ones.

I really don’t like having to buy a bunch of really fancy tops because those cost money and I’m a student who makes minimum wage. So, to jazz up one of my tshirts or sweaters, I like to use a scarf. I own about 25 scarves, which is a lot compared to everyone I know. How did I get into the scarf fanatics? I was reading an interview with Selena Gomez and she was talking about how she has a whole drawer filled with scarves and I was like, “Hmmm, let’s try scarves!” So yeah, scarves are a daily part of my wardrobe. They are my life source.

2. Laptop

The HP Pavilion dv4t-5100 Entertainment Notebook in Linen White. Aka, my baby.

As I said last Monday, I just got my new laptop and I love it. Honestly, I went two years with a laptop and one without, and it was tough. I didn’t realize how much I used my laptop until I didn’t have one! And I don’t just use it for like Facebook and Twitter. No, I use it for writing class essays, emails, research papers, discovering new blogs, etc. It’s something that I use daily because so much on my life needs to be done with a computer. I’m not dependent on technology but I really like having my laptop to get me from Point A to Point B when it comes to getting stuff done.

3. Foundation

L’Oreal’s BB cream. What are some other great brands I should try?

Unfortunately, when God created me he put oily skin in my genes. So I have acne (though not much). Plus, I’m __% Irish and have very fair, red skin. Therefore, when it comes to getting ready and looking presentable, I love to use a little foundation to even me out and not look like a giant zit head. I do not leave the house unless I have foundation on. And for those who have seen my bare face, we all know it’s a whole lot better with foundation on.

4. Toast

Because I am secretly British (I was in Acting one year and we were reading Noises Off and I was reading a part and all of the sudden my teacher stopped me and was all, “You sound like you’re authentically British. That is so cool!”) I really like a lot of classic British meals. If I eat breakfast it’s usually boiled egg and soldiers, scrambled eggs and toast, poached eggs on toast, etc. I just really like toasted bread with butter. Even though it is incredibly bad for me and I should stop eating it. I just love it so much!

5. To-do Lists

My actual to-do list for yesterday. I did them all! The app is called Teux Deux.

I’m a list freak. I make lists for everything. I would not be able to find my bottom without a list. I make lists for homework, for laundry, for university, for weekly wardrobe, etc. I just really like making lists. And because I get so busy, they are really helpful when I don’t even know which side is right side up. Lists are like my holy grail. They save me from all that is bad.

6. Tea

Hot, cold, green tea is always good!

I drink at least two cups of tea a day. It’s that Brit in me coming out. On a good day, I drink about four. Two in the morning, one after school, and one right before bed. My favorite is green tea. I could drink green tea all day and survive. It’s so good for you and it tastes so good. It’s the perfect beverage on the planet. I went a week without tea and…I don’t even want to talk about it.

7. Films

Many of my quotes have come from this film! “Welcome to another day of high education”

I’m a cinephile. I spend more than an appropriate time watching, commenting, and fangirling about films. They are like my life’s blood. I’ve lived with films for more than a decade and they just make me the person I am. In my Acting class we play this game called Quotes, where you have to say quotes from films. I have never lost that game because I live off quotes.

8. Bobby Pins

I have an ongoing game with my best friend about how many bobby pins I can put in my hair in one updo. I have a lot of hair, long and thick, and when I do a bun or some other impressive look, I have to use lots of bobby pins. Yesterday, when I put my hair in a simple bun for a birthday party, I had nine bobby pins just for the bun part, not even for my bangs! I have a huge stash of them just for all my hair needs. Without them, my hair would just hang limp on my shoulders.

9. Cardigans

From J. Crew. Love the styling

I love fall. Fall is the best season. And that’s because I can wear a cardigan every day and no one can complain. I own about 15 cardigans. I love wearing them because they are comfortable and easy to wear and you can put them over just about anything and look like you’ve actually put together an outfit. I can now freely admit that last year, when I had people saying, “Oh, your outfit is so cute.” 25% of the time I had just put on jeans, a top, a scarf, and a cardigan to make it look nicer. You can now see just how lazy I am


10. Internet

As you can see from my blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and various other social networking sites, I quite like the internet. My parents might call me a vigit, but honestly, all the things I like are on the interweb. JacksGap, dogs wearing sombreros, online shopping, this gif, etc. I really like the internet. It’s just…just a place where I can be me.

What are ten things you can’t live without?

Happy Monday!

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