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10 Tiny Ways to Show You Care

One of my biggest goals in 2017 is to spread kindness, and one of the best ways to do this is to show I care about the people in my life. And they don’t have to be big gestures. Sometimes the smallest actions speak the loudest.

Tiny Ways to Show Care

Today I am going to share 10 tiny ways to show people you care about them, so we can all feel kindness. Remember to spread love, all the time, even when it’s easier to hate.

10 Tiny Gestures of Kindness

Reading this made me think of Tobias in Divergent. When he told Tris about his tattoos.....:

1. Notes

Send a postcard or simply slip something onto their desk to let someone know that you’re thinking of them.

2. Small gifts

I love when I have an inside joke with someone and they give me a small gift related to the joke. You have a pizza joke? Drop off a pizza charm for their keychain.

3. Be comfortable

The best way to be kind is to help someone feel comfortable. Whether it’s being the person to step in when there’s a fight or being the shoulder to cry on when things get rough, be the person who they know will help them feel relaxed.

4. Listening

Listening says so much more than talking. And listening to someone about anything (day-to-day, drama, traumas, etc.) helps them feel heard and supported, which is the best kind of kindness.

5. Shoulder hugs

A little shoulder hug during an interaction (appropriately, of course) can be a sweet little way to show TLC.

6. Laugh

Life is hard, and a good laugh is the best way to deal. Treat a friend to some laughter and see their day light up.

7. Bringing meals

Know someone going through something rough? Bring over a meal – it doesn’t have to be anything special, even McD’s is good – and let them know you’re there for them, and their stomach.

8. Spontaneous bonding

Know your friend doesn’t have anything going on? Invite them to hang out last minute. Sometimes some quick and unexpected bonding can create the best memories and keep your friend from feeling lonely.

9. Phone calls

Ringing someone up real quick to say you’re thinking of them and hoping things are well can be the best way to spread kindness.

10. Ask questions

Speaking from personal experience, when someone asks me questions I feel like they care about me and my life, and that’s the best thing people can provide sometimes.


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