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10 Tips For Blogging Beginners

So, you’ve decided to blog. And you’re excited and ready to go, but where do you start? As someone who has been in the game since 2011, today I’m sharing everything I wish I’d known when I started blogging.

ten tips for blogging beginners

I entered the blogging world at 15 with no clue what made a blog successful or not. There were good times {like waking up on vacation in Belgium to see this post had been featured} to bad times {my site losing Google rank without warning}. It’s an up and down industry, and while there have definitely been a lot more ups lately, it’s because I’ve gone through the downs.

When beginning to blog, I find it’s about knowing what to expect and how to level with your competition. Had I been given information on this at 15, I likely would have done a lot better in my first few years. But that’s what this blog post is for, you! You and your new blog, which is about to learn a whole lot about blogging.

The Enthusiast’s Tips for Beginning Blogging

blogging tips

1. Find your niche

Even if you don’t want your blog to fall into one category, it is still important to have a niche of some sort. As people we naturally have niches, if not several. So if you like cupcakes and shoes, blog about both. If you’re into horses and music, blog about the best songs for riding to. And if your interests include dirt bikes and Chanel purses, your audience will be diverse.

Choosing a niche comes from what you love to talk about. And it’s totally fine to branch out when you want to. While the primary focus of The Enthusiast is to talk about the things I love {products, films, etc.} I am never afraid to talk about mental health or work/life balance. In general, in finding your niche, it helps to start an audience that can help the blog grow as you grow.

2. Plan out your commitment

How often do you want to write? And by that I mean, how much time do you have to write? From high school to college to full-time working, my time commitment to blogging has changed. Don’t overexert yourself to stay with the competition. It’s better to produce quality content when you have the time than haphazard content every day.

3. Monetize your blog

I went five years blogging without knowing how to monetize my blog. And once I figured it out, I found it was really easy and there is a market for almost every kind of blog. Fashion and beauty blogs seem the most obvious, but food blogs and book blogs and animal blogs exist.

Look into affiliate marketing {I found that searching for affiliate programs for brands I liked worked best} and then look at what similar bloggers do for inspiration. I found that affiliate marketing works great for me, as does ShopStyle and working directly with brands too.

4. Choose a theme

When you’ve found what you want your blog to be like, choose a theme that helps promote your topic. Generally, a more clean theme without lots of gizmos tends to attract more readers, but have fun. There are so many good themes to be had, so shop around for something that makes your content pop! My own theme I found on Etsy, and I would definitely recommend starting there.

5. Engage with other bloggers

There is a whole community of other bloggers. Follow their bloggers and social media and comment and like. Creating relationships with other bloggers is a great way to gain a following, but also to meet the people in your little blogging world.

6. Work with social media

One of the biggest marketing strategies for blogging is social media. Create profiles for your blog on different social media sites {Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.} and linking them back is an easy way for people to find your blog and engage with you. You can also publish your blog posts on social media to get a bigger outreach.

7. Plan out blog posts

When I first started blogging it was all about writing whatever first came to mind. That’s not the most reliable way to blog. Now, six years into the game, I always take a little time to plan blog posts. Whether this be on the weekend, or whenever I receive a new product to review, or when I think of a really fantastic post, I grab my planner and write down when I want to publish it so I can stay on track of producing quality content.

8. Develop new skills + read

The only way to stay on top of successful blogging is to constantly be aware of what’s going on. Many blogs have helpful tips {like this post!} and I always find myself reading them and jotting down the tips I think are helpful. This constant state of improvement is what makes the good blogs good.

It’s also important to note that looking into design skills {like Photoshop} and coding skills {HTML} are fantastic skills that all bloggers can use.

9. Look over stats

Look at your trends {Google Analytics is great!} and see who your audience is, where they’re reading, and other tidbits, and let that influence where your blog goes. It can also strengthen other parts to grow your audience to those you aren’t attracting. IT. IS. VERY. IMPORTANT. TO. LOOK. AT. YOUR. STATS.

10. Have fun!

Overall, just have a good time! Blogging is one of the most fun and diverse outlets and can be whatever you want it to be. If it gets you down, take a step back, because you should always be enjoying something that is a part of you. Blogging is the best!


These have been my 10 tips for blogging beginners. If you have other questions, feel free to pop them in the comments and I will be sure to make another post including them!


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