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10 Trends I Love For Fall

This past week I got a taste of autumn over here in Eastern Oregon. And considering I am moving in a week to Portland, where fall weather is a bit more prevalent, it’s time that I begin planning out my autumn closet.

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This fall season I am all about saturated colours, dark denim, leather, and lots of layers. I’m excited for incorporating those into my closet (especially since I spent a lot of money work appropriate fall clothing this week). Below are 10 fall trends that are perfect for your closet.

10 Trends That Are Fall-Tastic

1. Sheer tights

Bohemian Style Idea: wide brimmed hat, brown suede skirt, sheer tights:

Keep the wind off your legs and add a little class with some black sheer tights. I prefer these over opaque tights because they add a little dimension instead of just a solid colour. Just be careful of runs!

2. Maroon

Street style 101: Rework your LBD by throwing on a burgundy leather jacket.:

I’m completely obsesses with maroon/ox blood in my fall wardrobe. Whether it’s a badass leather jacket, or a cuddly sweater, or even incorporated in my accessories, maroon is a colour that will be seen on me all season long.

3. Sleek coats

Classic basics styled well...:

A coat with sleek lines in a neutral colour is the perfect autumn coat. A coat like the one shown above is perfect for pairing with jeans on a Sunday for brunch, or pairing over a skirt for work.

4. Brown boots

Lace-Up Ankle Boots:

I love brown leather boots and they are my staple this autumn. Whether it’s paired with a skirt and tights or over my jeans with chunky socks, a good lace-up brown leather boot is something that never goes out of style.

5. Dark denim

Dark Denim + Plaid Top With Pops Of Red:

What I love about fall is that the darker the denim, the better. Pair dark jeans with a flannel shirt, or a dark chambray shirt with a skirt, or a dark denim jacket over a dress. Or go with black!

6. Lightweight scarves

Love Quotes scarf:

While we assume chunky scarves are perfect for fall, mix it up this season by pairing your heavier tops and sweaters with a lightweight scarf for a fresh mix on layering that doesn’t weigh you down.

7. Cable knit

Thermic Bliss Socks from Anthro. Love knee high cable knits with brown boots. But make your own from old sweater sleeves. Easy Peasy.:

Don’t just go for cable knit sweaters – make everything cable knit! Whether it’s a beanie, your socks, a dress, add cable knit to your wardrobe to stay cozy all season long. Bonus points for pulling off cable knit on cable knit.

8. Layers

Cute for the cold-weather days ahead.:

Layering is the easiest way to stay warm during these colder months. Add socks over tights, sweaters over button-downs, or a combination of the two! Layering can be incredibly difficult, but once you get the hang of it, go for it!

9. Olive pants

flats, olive jeans, black tee, chambray button-down, white puffer vest, cross-body bag, long necklace:

Olive is the perfect autumn colour, and a great neutral pant. Instead of pulling on jeans every day, try a pair of olive-coloured jeans with a printed shirt. Or maybe a plain shirt and patterned shoes. They truly are a neutral pant.

10. Plaid shirts

fall fashion | Tumblr:

I love plaid. I love button-downs. So having a shirt that incorporates the two is crucial to my fall wardrobe. Whether I’m draping it over a shirt with jeans for a coffee date, or buttoning it up with cords for something more serious, it’s an essential fall piece.


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