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11 Tiny Changes That Improved My Life

I am all about life improvement. I truly believe that each person can become better, whether it be in their personal relationships, their diet, or their productivity (or anything else). That’s why I spend a lot of time changing up my routine to better myself.

Tiny Changes to Improve Life

This week I thought I would share the 11 {very tiny} changes I made to my life so far in 2017 that have really improved my life for the better. They have made me healthier, more alert, and overall a better person.

I hope that you will see these tip and try incorporating them into your own life and see what a difference they make! Enjoy!

Better Your Life in 11 {incredibly small} Ways

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1. Making my bed every day

By the time I get home I’ve usually been awake for 11-12 hours. And I haven’t even made dinner, written a blog post, or finished anything else. It makes my life feel chaotic. But when I walk through the door and I see my bed is made – look how productive I am! I made my bed! My life is in order! By making my bed every day, which takes about three minutes if I want to do it nice, I tricked my brain into feeling slightly more productive and less chaotic. Adopt this habit!

2. Not planning my day in the shower

I’m a morning shower-er and I used to spend those 10 minutes planning out my day with meetings and goals. Now I spend my shower singing along to the radio or reading the ingredients on my shampoo bottle or daydreaming about that trip to Greece. It makes my showers – and the rest of my day – so much more relaxing and I don’t feel hurried to get my day on.

3. Tea > coffee

Coffee might keep you up, but it also makes you jittery and go to the bathroom at least three times before 10am. By having a cup or two of tea every morning I can achieve a less jittery caffeine buzz that keeps me through my long stretch of morning work. And there’s so many great flavors and additives that can be put into tea. My latest favourite? A cup of Earl Grey with a splash of vanilla creamer. Yum!

4. Natural light

As the days are now longer, I can actually appreciate daylight when I get home. So I stopped turning on all the lights in my apartment and just appreciate the light that God gave us. It’s so much easier on my eyes and makes everything look pretty as the sky turns colours. And if turning lights on is important to you, buy those pretty white daylight bulbs for a similar effect.

5. Meal planning & prep

I am really into meal planning right now. Knowing what I’m going to eat all week and knowing I have all the ingredients in my home? Ugh, amazing. I feel so much better knowing how long it’s going to take me to make dinner, and if I do some prep, I usually just have to heat something up. It means no more stressing in the kitchen and I can actually enjoy my meal looking at the changing sky.

6. Spending my weekends out of the house

In college my weekends were for sleeping and hanging out around the house. That’s changed. Now I like to spend my weekend out of the house as much as possible. Whether it’s meeting friends or hitting up shops for the next best decor find or even just going to my favourite little coffee shop and reading, being out and about makes me feel like I’m not wasting my youth or my time being hungover in my bed.

7. Yoga

Do yoga. Just do it. You will never regret doing yoga.

8. Doing my hair EVERY day

This one was one of the hardest to adopt. Doing my hair every day can be a pain, but after I’ve finished I feel great, because at least my hair is done! Whether it’s letting it air dry and pulling it into a twisty bun, or curling it into my signature messy curls, knowing that my hair will look good has really improved my mood.

9. Planning out my week

Spending 10-15 minutes on a weekend planning out blog posts, dinner with friends, and other activities makes me feel organized for the rest of the week. Plus, it’s kind of fun seeing where you’re week takes you!

10. Reading for 30 minutes every day

The kids I used to babysit had to read 30 minutes every night for school, and I used to join them. You can read a lot in 30 minutes! That’s why I’ve started this habit again and I’ve fallen in love with reading all over again. Those 30 minutes on my sofa with a candle and a cup of tea are some of the best 30 minutes of my day.

11. Waking up early on weekends

I wake up early for work, so I naturally wake up early on weekends, and I get so much more done getting up early. And even if I’m just out of my bed and sitting on my sofa, I don’t feel like I’m wasting my day away, and I’m still feeling relaxed. Win. Win.


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