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19 Things I Learned at 19

I turn 20 on Saturday. I am physically not ready.

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So, 19 was a good year, yeah?

I made my career on being a teenager, and I’m two days out from leaving my teenage years behind. Being a teenager has defined me so much, and as sad as I am to let it all go, I accept that we all get older. My 20s will be a great time – I truly believe that – but being 19 was a year that truly taught me a lot about myself. As I do every year before my birthday (check out my posts from 17 and 18) I am making a list of all the life lessons I learned from April 25, 2014 to now. 19 was an interesting year (finished my first year of university, moved into my first apartment, got my first boyfriend) and it taught me so much about myself and others. I hope that this list teaches you a lot too.

Here’s to the 19 things that made up last year and the 20 things that will make up this year!

1. It’s okay to admit you need help.

2. It’s okay to need something more to make you happy.

3. I will always be a teenager at heart.

4. Let people love you.

5. It’s okay to put yourself in front of others.

6. Step outside your head. Things are a lot clearer out there.

7. Showing your weakness is not weak.

8. Don’t take your health for granted.

9. Changing your scenery makes all the difference.

10. You don’t need a lot of friends. You need friends who care about you as much as you care for them.

11. Appreciate the small things always.

12. If it’s not working for you, it doesn’t have to.

13. Find your happy place. Stay there.

14. Change your diet regularly.

15. Start meditating.

16. Give all of the love you receive.

17. Indulge in the moments that feel perfect.

18. Follow the dreams that inspire you. Those are the ones that really count.

19. Someone will steal your heart. Let them.


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