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2̶4̶ 1 Thing I Learned at 24

Happy 25th birthday to me from quarantine! Today is looking a little different from my original celebration plans, but I have good health and a dog by my side, so I think 25 is going to be a’ight until I can hit up happy hour again.

My plans for my birthday – a Golden Birthday if you will (25 on the 25th) – included a luxury weekend hotel stay with a friend, lots of happy hours/brunch, and a two week European vacation. That clearly it’s happening. And while I’m fairly devastated that I’m not spending my birthday in London eating fish and chips in a pub, I’m pretty lucky to be able to spend my birthday with my parents and dog making homemade sushi. There’s a dog involved, how could I not be ecstatic?!

Every year I like to share learned/experienced at that age. And while there are 24 things I learned at 24 – it really was quite the eventful year! – there is only one lesson that will resonate with me my entire life:

You can always find a silver lining.

When I realized that self-isolation was going to last through April, I was devastated. I’ve been planning my 25th birthday for years. So many hours of planning has gone into it to make it one for the books. And as I watched many friends lose their jobs, others lose their health, and many more struggle with the new normal…sometimes it’s hard to find a silver lining in such a devastatingly difficult time. But if you look hard enough, you can find the positive.

Quarantine Positives

  1. For the first time since high school, spending more than a week with my parents as I quarantine with them

  2. Daily walks with my mom and dog

  3. Finding time in the morning to exercise (replacing my half hour commute)

  4. Spending an insane amount of time with my dog

  5. Connecting with friends more over phone/video chat than we ever have in person

  6. Enjoying all the yummy foods with all our quarantine cooking and baking

It may not be the birthday I imagined, but I am feeling blessed in this moment. I have a lifetime of birthdays left – and going to Europe – and until then I will experience world history and look forward to years of exciting times with friends. 25 is going to be quite the year!

My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by the virus, big or small.

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