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20 Ways to Procrastinate As a College Student

You know that really big project you have due this week? Yes, that one that you’ve been avoiding more than anything. We’ve all got that project. And instead of just staring at it wasting your time staring at the assignment sheet, let’s get some productive procrastination going on!

20 Ways Morgan Has Procrastinated in College

1. Replace things in your apartment…finally

Guess who just bought a new HDMI cable?

2. Wash everything – EVERYTHING

This includes, but is not limited to: clothing, towels, bed linens, the towel my guinea pig goes poo on, etc.

3. Make the greatest cup of tea in history

We’re not talking about a cup of tea. We’re talking about a drink so delicious that the British will be paying us millions to call it theirs.

4. Do other homework due after the project

Well, I have a project due Wednesday. Let’s do all the homework due on Thursday!

5. Interior decorate mentally

Hmmm, what should I put on the wall above my bed? Let’s online shop for five hours…

6. Practice your dance moves

This works best if you are alone. And if “BO$$” by Fifth Harmony is blasting from your speakers. Get those hips moving!

7. Create a Pinterest board for all your interests

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 8.04.32 PM

Not buying a house soon – have a house design board. Not getting married soon – my marriage board is very full. Don’t have cash to go grocery shopping – let’s pin pictures of food some more.

8. Gain weight

I knew that $5 box of chocolate croissants would come to be a bad idea. But they sure taste better than homework!

9. See a film with friend/relative/significant other/etc.

I heard “Into the Woods” is up for a few Academy Awards. Surely that’s a good enough reason for a study break, right?

10. Create the ultimate study space to not study in

Currently I have the coffee table pressed against the sectional to create a spread out area to put all my papers on. Too bad I’m not reading those papers…

11. People watch

I enjoy my living room window because I can watch my neighbours live their lives and they have no idea. If only they couldn’t see in my living room too…

12. Snapchat your life, but classy

Spend this time away from homework to put time and grace into your Snapchats. Yes, that means you can’t use double chins for everything.

13. Write a blog post

Yeah, you guys definitely didn’t see that one coming.

14. Give your pets more attention than they could ever want


My poor guinea pig is being so babied that I’m pretty sure he’s having a teenage monologue of, “Mom, stop, you’re embarrassing me,” constantly going through his head.

15. Online shopping for something you don’t need

Yes, I don’t need the pretty dress from Forever 21, but I want it!

16. Redecorate houses in the Sims

I do this for stress relief. I wish I was kidding.

At least my Sims have cuter houses than your Sims.

17. Make outlines for your project

I’m not going to lie to you, the colour-coded, prioritized outline I made for my project is going to win a Pulitzer.

18. Pretend to do yoga

Some call it sleeping in a weird position, I call it yoga.

19. Dye your hair


I told you guys I’m a full brunette now, right?

20. Catch up on Netflix

Such a cliche one, but we all know the best way to procrastinate is to watch Netflix for hours.


Okay, back to work!

Stay classy, Internet,










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