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20 Ways to Relax

It’s Week 3 of the school year and stresses are running high. I have a big research paper due on Sunday and I definitely could use a reduction in the tension building. That said, I decided to find some things to calm me down. And then I decided to share that list with all of you. And that is how the list of things that relax/destress you according to Morgan was born.

Take a Chill Pill: 20 Ways to Relax as According to Morgan


If you don’t already, you need to give a try. My mom turned me onto it, and it is great for when you need to calm down. Take a few minutes out of your day and listen to the onscreen instructions as they teach you how to relax your body. You’ll definitely feel the difference!

2. Make a nice dinner

Home cooked food is the food of contentment. Make some biscuits, eat some fresh veggies, maybe have some chocolatey dessert, and you’ll find yourself basking in yummy food without stress for a little while.

3. Play mindless games

Sometimes playing a game that doesn’t require too much brain power is the best. I like to play 2048 TFL Roundels (which I’ve beat) because I can do it mindlessly to distract me from stress.

4. Have a shower/bath

Let’s be real, hot water just melts the stress away.

5. Have a hot drink

A hot drink just makes you feel warm inside. And nothing makes your stress feel less awful than feeling warm and cuddly inside.

6. Take a nap

You know what they say, everything feels better after taking a nap.

7. Watch this video

Nothings makes you happier and more relaxed than cute animals.

8. Talk with a friend

If I’m having a crummy day with a bunch of stress, calling my best friend and talking it out with her really calms me down and helps me feel less overwhelmed by all that is going on. Plus, chummy chat is the best!

9. Do something else productive

Don’t want to do homework because it’s stressing you out? Do some knitting, train for a marathon, write a blog post, etc. Doing something else productive means you’re accomplishing something while not focusing on what is stressing you out.

10. Watch a movie

Movies are awesome. Lose yourself in a movie and not feel stressed for an hour or two. Movies really mark the perfect time to get over stress.

11. Listen to music

This song is pretty great for relaxing.

12. Pamper yourself

When I feel really stressed and need a break, doing my hair and rubbing my back is the perfect way to calm my nerves for a bit.

13. Read a book

Focus on someone else’s stresses for a little bit.

14. Do some daydreaming

Don’t want to study for an exam? Imagine that beautiful vacation you could be on.

15. Organize something

Similar to #9, organizing something will distract you from your task on hand, but you’ll still be achieving something. And if making your room clean is distracting you from doing work, you’re still winning something.

16. Take a walk

One of my favourite moments of my life is the time I spent two hours walking Eugene in the light misty rain. I was able to clear my head, sort things out, and feel less stressed. Recommend 10/10.

17. Work out

Get that stress out the old fashioned way!

18. Bake

Cookies are the perfect remedy to stress. They just taste yummy and the method of baking is a good stress reliever.

19. Go out and do something

Go out with friends or by yourself. Being out and doing something is a good way to distract you from your stress, and you get to have some fun!

20. Yoga

I saved this one for last because it’s the best. Doing some yoga, or meditation, is the perfect way to truly relax before going back to your work. If you want some tips for yoga poses, watch the video above.

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