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25 Things I Had to Remind Myself of This Week

Hola Enthusiasts!

Whew, I am so happy this week is over! It’s just been stressful and exhausting and in total I’ve probably had about 15 hours of sleep, so I’m super excited to enter the weekend and catch some zzz’s. Plus, Thanksgiving is next week so I only have class two days next week! Anyway, this week has definitely been a thought provoker. And you know what that means, I’m going to share my thoughts…

25 Reminders We All Need in Our Week

1. Sometimes your mental health is more important than your responsibilities

2. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help

3. Keeping your poker face on helps you process information better

4. Having enough sleep is essential

5. There’s nothing wrong with standing up for yourself

6. Having a strong group of friends is essential

7. Take deep breaths when it all gets too much

8. If it doesn’t happen right away, give it time

9. Finding your happy place is the best way to keep your cool

10. Open and honest communication is the best way to maintain a relationship

11. Sometimes carbs really are the answer

12. Opening yourself up to new learning experiences can help you grow as a person

13. It’s okay to forget about everything else for a few hours

14. Take a minute to laugh

15. Work hard, and then work harder

16. Cuddles are a great way to relax

17. Sometimes you get irritated, and that’s fine

18. Organization keeps your head sane

19. Even when everything feels overwhelming, know that it will all pass

20. A hot shower is the best way to start the morning

21. Those that care about you will look out for you, so always keep that in mind

22. Take naps when you need them

23. Treat yo self

24. Be grateful for all the people in your life, even when they annoy you

25. At the end of the day, appreciate all the positive things in your life

And those are your little reminders to keep your head balanced! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and may you get everything accomplished! I have a lot of audio to edit, so I will be holed up next to an iMac, but I’ll talk to you next week!

Stay classy, Internet,










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