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3 Easy Ways to Add Hygge to Your Life

Hygge is the Danish term for enjoying a charming moment in life, especially in regard to warmth or companionship. There isn’t an exact way to pinpoint it, but anything that makes you feel present and special, that’s Hygge.

As I mentioned earlier this year, Hygge is one of my focus words for 2018. I want to add more comfort and warmth to my life, but that isn’t always easy when you’re an overachiever. Sometimes having a special moment is the last thing on my mind. After attempting to do the 14-day Hygge challenge earlier this month – and failing miserably – I realized I needed to break it down a bit more. How can I incorporate it into my daily life without feeling like I’m messing up my routine?

After a lot of consideration, below are three ways I changed my routine to create more Hygge in my life.

New to Hygge? Try These 3 Easy Life Changes

1. Sit down with your morning beverage

Because I go in to work at 7am, the idea of having a free moment in the morning is a pipe dream. Usually I’m running out the door with a travel mug in hand and a yogurt in my bag. Not very Hygge.

My Hygge change? Deciding what to wear at night. I now spend that time in the morning sitting at my breakfast bar, drinking my chai in a ceramic mug, enjoying a few minutes to myself. It becomes my special time for me, where nothing else matters except me and my chai.

2. Make weekly “friend time”

One of the biggest staples of the Danish comfort term is quality time with friends. Something that someone who is 1) busy and 2) socially anxious struggles with. I will often go a few weeks at a time not seeing anyone because of prioritizing work, volunteering, and home stuff.

My Hygge change? Once a week I make plans with friends. Whether it be a coffee date to catch up, inviting them over for brunch {such a good idea!}, or meeting up mid-week for happy hour to let off steam. Last weekend I had two separate coffee dates with new and old friends and found my connection with both parties to grow. Feeling connected to people is so important, and is something I will keep up.

3. Add more blankets

Feeling cozy is another core of Hygge, and is very easy to accomplish.

My Hygge change? Adding blankets. When I’m working, I normally sit at my breakfast bar. I moved this to my sofa, and place a blanket over me and lay back on a bunch of throw pillows. I instantly feel cozy and warm, bringing a little comfort to whatever project I’m stressing over. I find I am a little less anxious just from how cozy my environment has become.


How do you add Hygge to your life?

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