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3 Hairstyles to Hide Your Bad Haircut

Have you ever gotten a bad haircut? The better question is, when was the last time you got a good haircut?


Unless you trust your hairdresser with your life, you normally go into a haircut very nervous. This person has the potential to ruin – or make – your hair. And often when the stylist isn’t familiar with your head, it ends bad.

Last weekend I got a bad haircut. It’s not like she shaved off all of my hair, but I’m 90% sure the bangs she gave me and the bangs I asked for are very different. But instead of continuing to whine to my mom on FaceTime, I am going to grin and bear it with some tricky little hairstyles.

Below I have compiled three hairstyles that will fix most major bad haircuts. And trust me, they are saving me in this short-bang phase.

The Bad Haircut Cure

1. The Braided Back

hair styles for medium hair:

If you’re unhappy with the front of your hair, braid it back. Take the front sections of hair and French braid along your crown. This look has the potential to be chic or boho, and will keep your front strands back until they grow to an appropriate length. This always works great for a botched colour job. Feel free to continue the braid to incorporate all your hair if you want.

2. The Twisted Crown


This is my go-to 90% of the time because it is incredibly and versatile. I discovered this hairstyle when my hair was the shortest it’s been in five years and continue to do so during any length. Simply take the front strands of hair and twist them around, gathering more hair before each twist. You can either continue the twist until the sides meet, and gather them there, or you can do what I do, which is pin each side behind each ear for a little volume. It’s the easiest style and I always get tons of compliments. Perfect for bangs growing out.

3. The Half-Bun

 @elizabethrsawatzky✨ // #makeup #hair :

This hairstyle works for every hair length, and allows you to flaunt which feature you like best. Simply pull the hair above your crown into a bun atop of your head. If you like the length of your hair, leave the bottom half of your hair down. If you like your bangs, leave your bangs out. And if it’s your colour you’re hiding, pull it all up and show off a feature you like. Thank you Baby Jesus for providing buns.


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