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3 Playlists on Spotify I Can't Get Enough Of

Music can make or break a mood. Watched your favourite dramatic movie scene lately? It's made by the score. For me, if I'm doing anything, I need the right soundtrack to keep me on task. From my go-to road trip playlist to the best television soundtrack of all time - I can instantly get in the groove right in my Spotify account.

Here are the 3 playlists on Spotify that get me from working hard to hardly working:

Focus Flow

I used to be someone who could not work to music. The vocals would distract me, and I could never comprehend what I was reading due to a strong bass solo. Then Blonde & Bagels introduced me to the Focus Flow playlist and I am forever changed. I always have this playing when replying to emails or working on cover letters. It energizes me while not distracting from my goals. Productivity is up and disruption is down - yes, please!

Gossip Girl Playlists (S1-6)

Gossip Girl is flawed in many ways, but its soundtrack is not. My go-to playlist for morning walks (pretending I'm Serena Van Der Woodsen picking up croissants) and just about any time I need a pick-me-up. The variation of genres keeps it fresh. And there's no Dan Humphrey whining, which is the real seller for me when I need my GG fix.

Life's A Movie, You're the Main Character

TikTok introduced me to these playlists and Ari never disappoints. This is my personal favourite and the new winner of Morgan's Car Playlist - a true honour. The songs instill a feeling of confidence and make for some good car dance numbers. Any playlist that makes me feeling like I'm starring in my own movie will always be my jam.


What are you jamming out to? Share your favourite playlists and I'll give them a listen!

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