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3 Simple Ways to Become a Morning Person

Good morning! Or if you're not a morning person...good morning! As we deal with the time change and losing an hour of precious sleep, it's time to learn to enjoy the glorious morning hours. It's a process that can take a while if you naturally wake up at noon, but with some patience and a good plan you can easily start waking up at 6 and getting more done before work than you used to get done in a whole day! As a morning person since birth, I can attest that these tricks have helped me on nights when I haven't slept, or am sleeping at a new place. So they can work for you!

Create a Routine

The best trick to becoming a morning person is to find a morning routine you can do even when you get zero sleep. This routine becomes second nature. As my life has progressed, I have remained a morning person by having a routine that works with my wake up times. My current routine looks like

Wake Up / Shower / Beauty Routine / Make Breakfast / Get Dressed / Pack Bag

No matter how tired I am, I can always do this routine. And when I get extra sleep/wake up earlier, I add in working out and journaling. The routine is the secret!

Find a Special Ritual

Waking up sucks sometimes. But when you have something to look forward to it's a little easier. For me, it's my breakfast and special drink. I know that my morning will end with a delicious meal with a fancily made morning latte and I look forward to that almost every night. It's worth getting up before 6am if I can have my oat milk raspberry matcha latte.

Take Your Time

If you're forcing yourself to wake up a certain time and after months it's still hard, it will never get better. Your body has a natural rhythm. Experiment with different wake up times and find when you feel the most rested. If it's too late, slowly wake up 15 minutes earlier every few days until your ideal time feels the most rested. This will take time, but by working with your natural rhythms you can become a morning person and it won't feel like work.

Being a morning person isn't for everyone, but if you'd like to become one, here's your starting point.

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