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4 Ways to Perk Up Monday Morning

Monday mornings are in no one’s “favourites” list. Low energy and getting back into work don’t make a good combination. But since it is the beginning of the work week, it’s time to figure out how to give us energy until Tuesday.


All weekend I was on my feet. From a volunteer event that had me sorting clothes for hours to moving – note: lots of items walking up and down lots of stairs – I could use a nap from now to January just to feel alive again. But there’s work to do today, no time for naps.

As a morning person, there are lots of ways I’ve learned to give me that extra boost in the morning, so I’m sharing all of my tips to get us through today!

How to Energize Monday Morning

1. Play your jams

When I get out of bed on Monday I immediately start playing some upbeat pop music to get me moving. And despite how tired I am, I always find myself swinging my hips to “SexyBack” and “Build Me Up Buttercup”. And as you are commuting, car dance! The music I play in my car on the way to work has a huge effect on how I treat my morning.

2. Stretch

Do some simple stretches to loosen up and waken up your brain. Sunrise salutations are a great way to do this as they are meant to energize the body and center.

3. Caffeinate

Yes, for once Morgan is telling you that caffeine isn’t all that bad. Of all the days of the week, Monday is the day I always have caffeinated tea. Sometimes that little boost is needed. Just make sure to limit to one cup otherwise you’ll end up jittery and crashing, which just makes Monday worse.

4. Plan your Monday reward

I really love how Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere talks about treating Monday special to make it better. That’s why I now subscribe to a Monday reward. Something to look forward to throughout the day makes even the longest morning better. Today it’s going to be a nice hot bath to soothe my muscles.


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