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5 Decor Pieces Every Home Needs

Decorating a home can be a lot of work, especially when doing it for the first time. From deciding on furniture to finding the perfect window coverings, it is a lot to take on. A little guidance is much needed.

Decor For Every Home

As someone who has recently finished furnishing her own apartment, here are five pieces that I believe are needed in every home.

1. Multi-tasking end tables


Buy this basket table.

Everyone loves a good end table. And an end table that functions with more than one purpose is priceless, especially in small spaces. An end table that doubles as a basket or magazine holder can help to clear up clutter, while still providing a clean aesthetic.

2. Leafy plant


Put your plant in this gorgeous pot.

Leafy plants can be used in any room (kitchen, bathroom, living room, the possibilities are endless!) and provide that lively energy that plants give off. Whether it’s a tall standing plant in the corner, or a hanging plant above the sink, give that green some space in the home.

3. Throw blankets


Drape this blanket.

Throw blankets are both decorative and functional. As someone who regularly uses three, I see how wonderful they are on a daily basis. A beautiful tan fleece for draping along my sofa, a yellow woven blanket for movie night, and a plush ivory throw for cuddling up in my reading chair. Throw blankets have so many different functions and make your home feel like home.

4. Reading chair


Curl up in this seat.

Everyone needs a place in the home where they can curl up and watch a movie, read a book, or nap when the weather is right. This chair is all about comfort, so it’s different for everyone. This can take a while to find, but once you do, it’s worth every penny.

5. Decorative mirrors


Hang up this gorgeous mirror.

Mirrors are essential for opening up a place and moving light in. Placing mirrors strategically can make any space look bigger. Find mirrors that compliment your furniture and place them in areas that feel cramped or are missing light. And decorative mirrors don’t have to mean elaborate, it’s about complimenting the space.


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