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5 Drinks to Get You Through Your 8AM

I don’t like coffee. There’s something about coffee when it’s not flavored or frilly that just makes my mouth feel gross. I just don’t like regular coffee.

But in the mornings I need something to get me through. When I’m not doing my peppermint white chocolate mocha from Starbucks (the only coffee drink I have during the year) I’m usually running through downtown Eugene with a travel mug of one of the below drinks.

It’s important to start your day off on the right foot, and with a delicious hot drink, it’s likely to get that footing right. Try one of these yummy beverages first thing in the morning and see how great everything is! (without coffee)

5 Drinks That Aren’t Coffee But Are Just As Great

1. Apple chai steamer

This drink is one I learned from my freshman dorm coffee stand. It’s literally apple juice or apple cider along with chai tea. Super simple, super easy. Simply heat up some apple juice (or make instant apple cider) in your microwave, tip a chai tea bag or two inside, and voila! a drink that keeps you caffeinated but isn’t heavy. It’s sweet with a tinge of spice and gets you through all the many hours of classes and work. You can also make this drink at Starbucks for $3.05 for a Grande.

2. Matcha

Green tea is this magical drink that heals and protects your body. Which is why it is necessary to a great day of life. Matcha, the product for making green tea, can make so many different drinks that you can have matcha is any form you want. Since hot drinks are best in the morning, I’d suggest a hot green tea or latte, but if it’s later in the day, try a colder drink to boost metabolism. If you’re stopping at Starbucks, you can get a grande green tea latte for $3.95.

3. Herbal tea

Herbal tea is so good for you. It can be used for natural remedies and help with anything from cramps to headaches. And honestly, won’t you have a better day if you’re already fighting off negative things when you wake up? Obviously you’ll need to do some research to know which herbs help what, but having herbal tea will really help your day go along smooth. For a Starbucks choice, try a grande Teavana Oprah Herbal Brewed Tea Latte for $4.25.

4. Lemon water

Did you know how many benefits come from drinking lemon water regularly? See this post for the benefits. Try drinking a warm cup of water with some lemon squeezed in first thing in the morning and see how it helps your skin, metabolism, and thought process. While you can’t find this equivalent at Starbucks, it’s easy to get this at a coffee shop or at your local grocery store.

5. Peppermint hot chocolate

So, let’s get away from caffeine and health remedies. We all know hot chocolate is where it’s at. We all love chocolate first thing in the morning, and with peppermint it fits with this cold, wintery season. Hot chocolate with peppermint syrup is the easy way to do this at home (or by melting a candy cane for you candy lovers). If you’re already out the door and stopping by that commercialized Starbucks, try a grande Peppermint Hot Chocolate for $3.75.


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