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5 Films/Shows to Watch on Netflix This Week

After being stuck on a train for 9+ hours this weekend, I realized that having a solid collection of things to watch is necessary. Being able to pull up a chair and something good to watch is a luxury that we take for granted. Long gone are the days of endlessly scrolling while your food gets home. I’ve done the work to find you the top 3 films/shows (comedy-centered because we all need a laugh) to watch in your free time this week.

Netflix Top 5

Santa Clarita Diet

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via Horror News

It is a travesty that Netflix cancelled this show. Drew Barrymore is my favourite undead and Timothy Olyphant’s Joel is my favourite character ever. Eric Bemis is my spirit animal. A unique storyline, lots of humor, unexpected twists, and the only zombie comedy you will ever need make this show everything and more. You will struggle through the first few episodes, but by season 2 you won’t be able to stop.

Man Up

Man Up  (2015) Film Review

via At Home With Joanna

I love this movie. Love it. I watch it whenever I can and I am so happy Netflix continues to renew it on their lineup. Lake Bell is in her element as the cynical Nancy. You will grow a soft spot for Simon Pegg’s Jack. If you are looking for a good twist on a rom com with all the edge of British humor, don’t look any further!

The Breaker Upperers

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via Reading Cinema

A good foreign film (New Zealand here!) needs to fill out this mix. The humor is spot on, the outfits are incredible, and the story is so unlike everything else we’re watching right now. After watching I was already looking up other New Zealand films, it has that much of an impact. Oh, and did I mention the laughter?

Schitt’s Creek

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via YouTube

The show that has slowly been taking over everyone’s TV, welcome to your new favourite family. What happens when the rich become poor? Eugene and Dan Levy truly outdo themselves and you will be laughing until tears run down your face. The first season is a little rough, but with each episode you can’t wait for the next.

She’s Out of My League

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via Netflix

One of the most honest and non-cheesy rom coms I’ve watched in years, She’s Out of My League is incredible. I’m so glad it’s on Netflix so we can all enjoy the slow but steady wit of Jay Baruchel, the true wonder that is Alice Eve, and the growing dread that comes with “Branson”.

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