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5 Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Busy Working Women

When you wake up early, go to bed late, and spend nine hours in an office, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. Actually, the last thing you want to think about is bills, then your hair.

As someone who leaves for work while it’s still dark out, finding the patience or passion to do my hair in the morning is just not a thing. But I like to look good for work because the chance of me having to sit in for an important is about 60% on any day.

That leaves me with five hairstyles that I know are easy enough to do when I’m in my bathroom at 6:30 and still looks great for a long day of work. Let’s try them out!

Don’t Have Time? Try These Hairstyles

1. Loose ponytail


The easiest hairstyle in the book. Style bangs as you normally would, pull hair back in a ponytail, and then pull bangs from the hair tie to frame your face. Less than five minutes!

2. Crown braid


There are many various ways to pull off this hairstyle, so look up tutorials to find the one that best fits you. For me, it’s twisting the hair away from my face and then keeping it back with bobby pins. In this photo, the two sides are braided together. Either way, it’s quick and pretty.

3. Top knot

Majah sweater + Topknot:

My personal favourite! When I’m running late I blowdry my hair, part it down the middle, and then pull it back into a quick top knot. Bonus points for pulling pieces out to frame the face and give it a windswept look. It always looks polished and keeps hair out of your face.

4. Loose curls

I like the soft curls and touseled look - simply beautiful:

People get incredibly overwhelmed by curls, but they are too easy. To achieve this look, use a wide barrel curling iron and choose random pieces to curl around. The bigger the curl, the easier. And to finish it off, once 90% of the hair is curled, use the other 10% to curl the opposite way to add texture. By using big pieces this will take less than 10 minutes.

5. Half up half down

emily ☼ ☾'s collection!

What could be easier than just styling half your head? Place your fingers at your temple and pull straight back until your fingers meet. From there you can pull the hair into a simple ponytail, spice it up with a bun or braid, or try something else! The possibilities are endless!


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