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5 Perfect Dishes for That Office Christmas Party

There’s nothing more stressful about the holiday season than deciding what to bring to an office Christmas party, or family dinner, or even just something to stick on the table during Christmas dinner. But it doesn’t need to be if you have a repertoire of delicious dishes perfect for the holiday season just sitting in your refrigerator!

I have compiled five of the best dishes to bring to any sort of gathering that embody the Christmas spirit without causing you extra stress or spending hours after work trying to prepare it. These recipes are super yummy and will make you the king/queen of the potluck.

If you’re ready to bring the fun back to holiday cooking, read ahead!

Your Office Christmas Party Cooking Guide

Mini shepherd pies

Mini Shepherd's Pot Pies

Looking for something adorable, easy to make, and people will grab three of? Try these mini shepherd pies and see that they’re an easy-to-make hit that will definitely have everyone asking you for the recipe. Make this Tablespoon recipe and see your coworkers lined up for seconds and thirds.

Cranberry bliss bars

Love this Starbucks treat? Bring it to the party! Save your money and make it at your own place in a healthier version. Skinny Taste’s recipe makes this delicious, creamy, sweet dessert and makes it less fattening but still super yummy! Everyone in the family will be fighting over the last one they are so good.

Honey roasted butternut squash

Butternut squash is something that is perfect for the holiday season. And Peas & Crayons’ recipe for honey roasted butternut squash with cranberries and feta is so Christmas I can barely stand it! It’s sweet and salty and just delicious to add to your plate at any event.

Spinach and cheese strata

This recipe from Smitten Kitchen has a bit more effort, but you can do some of it the night before, so you can still keep stress at bay. It’s delicious and cheesy (if you’re into that) and seriously great for when you have a bunch of people and just want something easy to dish out. This is definitely you’re go-to for the holidays.

Monkey bread

Easy Monkey Bread Finished

If you’re a family that likes to get messy, you’re welcome. Leaving the Rut’s monkey bread recipe is the easiest, but greatest monkey bread you’re going to make for any occasion, be it an office party or all the relatives over for food before opening presents. It’s super quick and sure to fill everyone up!


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