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5 Rituals for a Happier Life

I am constantly in the pursuit of enriching my everyday life.


In this pursuit, I have found that there are many habits and rituals that can lead to living a happier life. These rituals change often for me as I discover new ones, but there are some that are timeless and I always go back to them. So today I’m going to share them.

These rituals always make my life seem more relaxing and less complicated. I hope they do the same for you.

The Enthusiast’s Rituals for a Happier Existence

1. A Sit-Down Breakfast

Day 1 B

Ever since starting full-time work I have brought sitting down for breakfast into my routine. And the days I skip it are the days I regret. Even taking 10 minutes out of my morning to sit down and eat makes my whole day so much better. It’s time to reflect or relax or just prepare myself for a long day.

2. A Nightly Routine

Everyone has their own ways or relaxing, but creating a nightly routine to follow each night really helps to provide a more restful life experience. For me, it’s sitting down with my laptop, then reading, then watching some Netflix before sleeping. The combination of those helps me to sleep better and the routine provides comfort even on the worst of days.

3. Making Meals

Whether it’s meal plan once a week or cooking every night, I find making meals provides a better sense of worth inside myself. We all know home-cooked meals are the best, but making a meal from start to finish really fills me with purpose. And not some microwave meal that I spent ten minutes on, but a real meal that I needed a recipe or my oven. Whenever I make a meal I feel accomplished.

4. A Conversation a Day


Human interaction is important. That’s why I usually call my mom on my way home. Having one conversation with a human that isn’t just texting allows me to flex my social skills, but also makes me feel warm because human interaction is necessary. Yes, I am very introverted and love living alone, but talking to people is big. And when we deprive ourselves of it, our social skills go down the drain and we overcompensate and feel socially awkward in the future. One conversation leads to avoiding all of that.

5. Washing Your Face

When I bought a white duvet I realized I needed to wash my face every night to avoid beige stains every laundry day. And the simple act of washing my face every night is so relaxing and wonderful that it’s now a ritual to provide happiness within myself. It’s odd, but I feel accomplished that I finished washing my face and helped my skin and whatnot from such a simple action. It’s rewarding.


I hope you’ll try these daily rituals and let me know if they do give you a happier existence. I’d love to swap stories!


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