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"5 Seconds of Summer" Album Review

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS GUYS! It’s been a year of me anticipating this, but the 5 Seconds of Summer self-titled album is finally out! Released yesterday on iTunes, it’s been on replay on my iPod because it’s pretty much musical genius! From reading the articles the boys (4 talented Aussie boys) have put out, they have put so much effort into this album and it definitely shows. I’ve been looking forward to sharing this review because of how much I’ve anticipated this album being released. When it released (9pm PST for me) I was in a car and containing my enthusiasm was a bit difficult. I mean, I am an enthusiast, enthusiasm cannot be contained!

So, please join me as I listen to the 5SOS album and share my thoughts with you all. And make sure to buy it to support these hard working, talented boys (that I may or may not be seeing in 50 days) by purchasing their album here.

“5 Seconds of Summer” by 5 Seconds of Summer

1. She Looks So Perfect

Many music critics have called this song the perfect song for summer, and I would have to agree. It’s catchy, has that perfect amount of rock, and the lyrics make you second guess and laugh. What more do you need in a summer hit? American Apparel is probably feeling like hot patootie after their name drop in the song, and I know I now have the overwhelming need to wear a diamond ring and board a plane! This song is everything that is fun and young and emotionally angsty enough for anyone under the age of 25. (It’s also Morgan’s dad approved.)

2. Don’t Stop

Okay, ignoring the fantastic music video, this song literally has me grooving every time it comes on my shuffle. Actually, I could possibly be discoing up a storm in my kitchen right now (and by possibly I mean I am.) First off, the drums are like the perfect backbone of this song.  I love the lyrics and guitar and the bass, but those drums just make it the song to lose yourself in. Second, I think this song really signifies the bringing back of good clean music. As someone who is, quite frankly, sick of so much technical work over the actual music, this song really makes me smile because it’s just the music and it’s wonderful. This song is always on my playlists for parties and the gym (it is A+ on the elliptical.)

3. Good Girls

This song is just…oh goodness it is the reason I second guess every girl I’ve met. Just kidding! No, this song is fantastic and kind of a fun way to bring up the good girl/bad girl scenario. Plus, if they ever make a music video they already have a music video lined up! I am slightly obsessed with the “Do do do do do”s of the song and will most likely be singing the entire song to myself even when I’m 90 and senile. I think the lyrics are really just what sets this song up to be so great because it’s just kind of unique and something we haven’t heard on the pop circuit for a while (do not quote me on this sometimes I am wrong.) I think this song is good for laying back on your bed, headphones in, eyes closed, foot tapping, and just soaking in music.

4. Kiss Me Kiss Me

When this song downloaded I basically freaked because I became borderline obsessed with the beat. I found myself singing it in the shower, at the store, when I was supposed to be paying attention in conversations, and to my babysitting kiddies. Before I forget, I’ve made all the kids I babysit big 5SOS fans. Yep, that’s how infectious this song and the rest of their music is. I really enjoy this song and I think it’s because, as a 19-year-old girl about to leave her teenage years behind, I think this song really embodies what my friends and I have been saying. We want to be young and meet people and have those whirlwind teenage relationships that make up every ABC Family movie. Plus, we want our lives to have a really awesome beat. So, turn up the music and let your hair down, because this song is going to make you rock your socks!

5. 18

This song quickly became one of my favourites on the album. Maybe it’s the fact that one of the band members recently became legal, but I just had a nice little laugh when I first heard it. My own legality wasn’t a big deal (I’m possibly the most boring person and had cake with my parents) but I love that it signifies the typical struggles of not being legal. Plus, the “I’m not old enough for you” is just fantastic! Liking someone older than you is a struggle (especially as a boy) and it’s all embodied in a song that is fun and has enough interesting lines to remind you they are just teenage boys! Plus, it’s just rocky and catchy and “my mom still drives me to school” they all make it the perfect song. (Yes, I’m aware that sentence barely made sense, but good music needs no sensibility.)

6. Everything I Didn’t Say

The 9-month-old I babysit has trouble sitting still when I’m changing his diaper, but when I put this song on he sits as still as a picture. So, Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum, I thank you deeply. It’s kind of a sobering song after the kind of pumping beginning of the album, but has enough beat to stay along with the rhythm already set up from previous songs. The lyrics for this song are really powerful and, even though I think a lot of guys are going to tell you this is all girl music based on the band’s current demographic, anyone who has ever been in a relationship is going to hear this song and really reflect on the moments they didn’t say what they should have. Or if you are a small baby, it’s great for sitting still long enough for a diaper change. Great tune.

7. Beside You

“Beside You” is not a new song from 5SOS, but this is the revamped version of it. Having heard both versions, I’m always going to love the original (I quote it on a pretty regular basis) but the new version is really great, too. I don’t know if I could choose a favourite. The lyrics to this song are just great and you will quickly find them running through your head. And the new version (which is just a different beat) has a lot more drums, and as a drums fans myself (I was in love with a fictional drummer when I was 14) I think it definitely adds something to the song that makes both versions fantastic complements to each other, plus amazing on their own.

8. End Up Here

Another song that quickly became one of my favourites, this one will definitely have you shaking your shoulders and drumming your fingers. It is just fun and has lyrics that you will be singing in your car for ages. And it references “Livin’ On A Prayer” so you know it’s just ace. The beat has me constantly dancing and it just gives that kind of carefree attitude to a song that is about a relationship that just kind of takes off immediately. Definitely one to add to your playlist and your mixed tapes.

9. Long Way Home

This song is just really damn cute. We’ve all experienced those people who we get lost talking to, putting us in positions where we delay reaching our destination just to continue the conversation. I’ve been guilty of taking the long way to my dorm just to keep talking to my computer science buddy more than once. This song is relatable and adorable and just a great representation of wanting to be in someone’s presence. I’ve added this to my list of “Songs I Need Boys to Serenade Me With” and it shall remain there.

10. Heartbreak Girl

Just like “Beside You” this is another older 5SOS song, and it’s one of my absolute favourites! According to my iTunes, I’ve listened to it 472 times. In a year. This song is about being friendzoned, and it’s so accurate that these boys deserve an award. This song has a great beat, perfectly accurate lyrics, and is the greatest song to listen to after watching the person you are interested in not be interested in you. I’m incredibly happy this song was included on the album because it used to be their best known song and it’s one that I think they really outdid themselves on. Definitely a must-listen for everyone.

11. Mrs All American

Yeah, I’m American, so obviously I feel a connection, but I really just love this song because it’s incredibly catchy. I’ve been guilty of playing this over and over. The beat and the whistling and Calum’s voice just bring me to instantly dancing the second this song comes on. This is definitely one of my favourites and one that anyone can get up and shake their hips to. Don’t be surprised if I break out into a “High School Musical” choreographed dance in the middle of a supermarket if I hear this. It’s just…flawlessly wonderful. Listen to it!

12. Amnesia

This song will make you cry, but that’s what makes it one of the best songs on the album. It’s incredibly emotional and heartfelt. The entire album has that great pop rock sound that makes you want to dance, and this song really sobers you. For anyone who has been dumped, this song will really hit you in the gut. Actually, let me revise that, anyone who has been in a relationship, this song will sucker punch you. Such a beautiful song.

13. Social Casualty

Oh look, the perfectly rebellious song to follow such an emotional song as “Amnesia.” If you want a song about rebelling against authority and doing what you want, you have found the song for you. And it sounds so rock that it makes you want to go rebel. Watch out world, I’m going against authority! Definitely one for your angsty days.

14. Never Be

Not one of my favourites, but definitely a good song. It’s cute and special and I think it’s one of those that inspires you to really go out and do what you want with those that you love. It’s a song that pushes you forward, and that’s what I really like about it. So many songs about caring for people aren’t too cute and are very sexual, and this song really is just cute and about feeling a connection with someone. I think this song is great for couples.

15. Voodoo Doll

Welcome to another favourite of mine, as I listened to it about six times in a row this morning. You have to listen to it to really get just how wonderful and clever this song is. The song is about being so incredibly into someone that you find your mannerisms changing, as if they had a voodoo doll that controlled you. I will forever remember this song and will be singing “I don’t even see my friends no more because I keep hanging out with you” when my friends ditch me. This song is utter perfection and everyone needs to memorize it so we can all sing it to each other. And then I need to learn instruments so I can play it too.

16. Greenlight

The bonus track of the album, and a goodie. Definitely a boy song I feel, but all can enjoy. For anyone who has any pursued someone and been dying for that signal of “Hey, let’s make this happen,” you will definitely get this song and find it a great tune. This song is the reason everyone needs to invest in the deluxe version of the album just to get this musical wonderfulness.

UK Edition Track I Have to Review: English Love Affair

Possibly the most sexual song I have heard in quite a while, I couldn’t resist not adding this to my review. This song is just great to listen to, even if you ignore the lyrics. It’s the reason everyone should own both versions of the album, because then you have this fabulous song. It’s just got a nice little beat to tap around too, and the story behind it is just…it fits the title very well. Definitely one I love to play all the time.

Overall Review

BUY THE ALBUM IT IS WONDERFUL AND ALL THE MUSIC SOUNDS GOOD THERE IS NOT A SINGLE SONG I DO NOT LIKE. PLEASE BUY IT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. I really enjoyed this album and will definitely recommend it to anyone who has similar musical tastes to mine.

If you have anything else you’d like me to review, remember to request in the comments or send me an email at! This band is basically ridiculous, so here’s something to make you giggle.

I do not condone the typo used in this.

Stay classy, Internet,


P.S. When doing reviews I try to not edit too much to give you my realistic reaction. That’s why I sound like such a crazy. Hope you enjoyed!









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