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5 Thanksgiving Outfits for Turkey Day

Whoo! Turkey Day is tomorrow! I’m actually not a big turkey fan, so it’s more like Mashed Potatoes Day for me.

But Thanksgiving is more than just abundance of food. It is about being thankful for all we have in life: Food, shelter, and family. I am so grateful to be able to take a few days off and spend Thanksgiving with my family in Medford. Being able to take this time is a blessing.

And because we are giving thanks, it is important to look nice. We always dress up in my house, from dressy casual to Sunday best. And surely many of you dress up too. That is why I have compiled 5 outfits that are perfectly appropriate for whatever Thanksgiving you’re attending.

1. Comfortable, but cute

If you’re having a more casual Thanksgiving, you can still dress up. Pair patterned loafers with pants and a soft cotton shirt for a more casual look that still has a bit of dressy quality to it. This is a personal favourite of mine when I’m having Thanksgiving at home with immediate family.

2. The simple yet intricate dress

When you’re strapped for a Thanksgiving outfit, a dress will always be your go-to. Choose a dress that is simple, yet pretty that you can pair with some black tights, a pretty hairdo, and you’re totally set for Thanksgiving dinner in any capacity.

3. The dressy dress

Need to look fancier for Thanksgiving? Dress up your dress by choosing a more luxurious fabric, patterned tights, and fancy jewels to look like you do Thanksgiving every day. To give it extra oomph, make sure your outerwear looks glamorous too.

4. The cozy “I know it’s November” look

For another casual look (and if you only packed jeans) try making your sweater your fancy wear. Choose a simple, textured sweater and a scarf/statement necklace to seem like you’ve put in effort even though you just want to eat. In place of cowboy boots stick with classic leather equestrian boots or a great Chelsea ankle boot.

5. The statement scarf

A lot of people like necklaces and collars to dress up a simple top or dress. But a scarf can up your game so much more. Choose one in a festive or neutral tone and add it to your outfit to look put together and ready for dinner. Don’t be afraid to go big – the bigger the scarf the more pizzazz!


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