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5 Updos for Hot Days

To say that Portland is hot would be an understatement. We’re all struggling to keep cool and any place with AC is considered a luxury. The heat has officially landed in the PNW.


Now that it’s warm, it is a constant struggle for me to stay cool. With my thick, straight hair, the heat makes my hair hang heavy and stick to my skin. That’s why updos are essential to my summer survival. From braids, buns, and ponytails, they are my saviours.

Today I’ve shared the five styles I use for days that are too hot to handle.

1. Braided High Bun

I love braided bangs.:

The ultimate summer hairstyle is off the face and away from the neck. I love this style because it is incredibly simple {braid back the bangs and pull into a bun} but looks interesting and dynamic. If your hair is fine or smooth, I would recommend using a texture-building pomade like the one from the Kristin Ess line.

2. Bow & Pony


Ponytails can get a bit boring, so add a bow! This style is incredibly simple and perfect for when you’re too tired to do anything in the heat. Pull hair up into a high pony and pop a bow on top {or another accessory of your choice} and you’re ready to hit the street! Bonus points for curling ends and pulling out a few loose hairs.

3. Simple Braid

nice 8 Must-Have Summer Hairstyles by

My favourite style for summer is a simple braid. You can dress it up with twists or adding another strand like the above from Gal Meets Glam, but a braid cascading down your back with some strands loose looks romantic, lived in, and perfect for summer. PRO TIP: If you have shorter or layered hair like me, slightly curl your ends before styling with a 1″ curling iron, then apply a texture spray like this Oribe one, then braid. Your hair will have a bit better hold, and any parts that come out will look intentional.

4. Messy Topknot

Master the messy bun with @StyleCaster's hair inspiration roundup | loose bun medium hair:

If you have long hair and it’s hot, you’re familiar with the topknot. It’s a fan favourite for a reason. This style is usually worn after a long day of having curled hair, then wanting to relax on the sofa, then remembering I have errands to run. Simply pull hair up, secure with an elastic, and pull out strands in the front. Make sure there is volume at the crown to keep it looking like gym hair.

5. Twisted Crown

This has lately been my go-to for work, as I’m usually either sitting at my desk or running around from city to city for proposals. While it may look complicated, it is simply twisting two strands over and over again until they meet. And to keep it off your neck, pull hair into a low bun. Very chic for work! To keep hair from slipping while twisting, spritz hair with Living Proof Weighless Styling Spray to keep hold, control frizz, and add a little texture.


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