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5 Ways I Prepare For a Busy Week

Lately it seems all I have is busy week after busy week. While I love taking on the challenge, it does take a certain bit of planning to ensure that everything is in place.

five ways i prepare for a busy week

On weeks where I know things are going to be full – long day at the office, weekends traveling – I always take one day out of my weekend to prepare everything so I feel on top of my game. Here’s my five steps for busy week preparation:

ONE | Write out schedule in my planner

One of my favourite weekly rituals is writing out my week in my planner with a cup of tea. I write everything from blog posts for the week, scheduled appointments, and events that I want to remember. With all of it written down, it sticks in my memory better and gives me a visual look at my week.


I have been using the Rifle Paper Co. Planner and love their weekly layout and the intricate designs and quotes on every page.

TWO | Clean miscellaneous mess

For someone who is naturally tidy and orderly, by the end of the week I always end up with clothes on my couch and dishes in my sink. Before a big week, I make sure to tidy up all the miscellaneous mess that seems to creep up. Putting away papers and sorting laundry keeps my apartment organized and my busy week free of cleaning.

THREE | Indulge in a hair mask

One of the drawbacks of a busy week is that there is little time for self-care. My hair needs a little more care than that, so once a week I do a hair mask. Giving my hair that little bit of extra care ensures that great hair no matter how much dry shampoo I end up using.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Lately I’ve been turning to Kristin Ess Hair Moisturizing Mask because of how insanely moisturizing it is, even after only a few minutes.

FOUR | Meal prep

On my busiest weeks I either eat microwave meals or anything prepared. To keep myself from dying of sodium overload, I like to spend my days off as meal prep. Taking a little time out of my Sunday means I can make meals for the entire week that I only need to heat up to get my nutrition. Plus, the options are endless, so I love switching up new recipes.

FIVE | Update my Teux Deux

I have been using TeuxDeux since high school and it is still the only task app I consider worthwhile. With the ability to add tasks under days of the week, I am able to add what I need to do each day weeks in advance. Before a busy week, I go over my tasks for the week and add in the small stuff, like changing my oil and grabbing groceries.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 7.20.19 PM

To me, the best feature is that tasks carry on to the next day if they are not completed. No annoying “overdue” notifications while no task gets left behind.


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