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5 Ways to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As I finally settle into my new life in suburban Portland, I find myself realizing that you can’t move to a new place and be in your comfort zone. Building a new life means challenges your norm and that’s what I need to start doing.


Today I’m sharing five ways I have attempted to get out of my own comfort zone, and whether they end up being effective in me procuring acquaintances or not, you never know unless you try.

It’s Time to Leave Your Comfort Zone

1. Join a group

Whether it’s a dance class, book club, craft hour, etc. get involved in something that promotes being around other people. It’s scary to throw yourself into an activity with strangers, but a common interest already starts the conversation.

Tip: Try to join activities when they first start, as everyone will feel like the new kid, which means everyone is looking for a buddy.

2. Make a regular hang out

Because life has us all busy, when we’re done with work/school/responsibilities for the day we just want to go home. Force yourself to find a spot or two (mine happen to be the Starbucks by T.J.Maxx and this cute little bubble tea place) and spend time there either doing work or reading a book. You’d be amazed at how many faces you see regularly. If nothing else, being surrounded by people can be good for your psyche.

Tip: Don’t exit yourself off by sitting in the corner with headphones. Choose an open spot at a bar and read. People will often comment on the book and start conversation.

3. No more days at home

It’s the weekend, and if you’re like me you love sitting at home watching Netflix in pajamas eating leftover spaghetti and tea. This is a no-no for making relationships in a new community. Take a little time to get ready and then go out and explore your new home. Whether it’s just going through a little strip mall or popping by Ulta to refill your foundation, but getting out of the house for a few hours on the weekend is a great start to beginning the journey out of The Comfort Zone.

Tip: Areas with concentrated areas of shops are best for this because you can spend more time out without having to drive to new areas. If you want to save money, give yourself a budget for the weekend.

4. Never turn down an invitation or event

I am constantly seeing invitations to events on Facebook or having friends bringing up casual parties they’re going to. Don’t turn those down! Even if it seems like something you won’t be into, there’s a chance you’ll meet people. I went to a Halloween party, thinking I wouldn’t do much other than quietly sit in the corner drinking, and ended up making friends with some real characters who have provided me very lovely memories.

Tip: At any event always smile at everyone who walks by. Chances are there is someone else who’s a loner and they are hoping for one kind stranger to end their misery.

5. Make a calendar of “busy time”

When there aren’t any events on the horizon we like to take a little “me” time and relax. Fill those empty calendar dates with “Try out salsa class” and “Wine bar” or “Get library card” or anything else that will get you out of the house adding to your life experience.

Tip: Try to do three things a week, but don’t overload yourself. When you feel like you’re doing too much and not relaxing your passion for new experiences will expire and that’s how you end not leaving your comfort zone at all.


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