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5 Ways to Speed Up Getting Out of a Funk

Last week I received some upsetting news that devastated me. It came on top of a myriad of other problems and it tailspun me right into a funk. And I've been trying hard to shake it. Being in a funk is more than just feeling off. You feel completely disconnected from your normal life. Few things bring you joy, your emotions feel heightened/lowered, and you can't participate in your life like normal. It sucks. But years of getting in funks (because I'm somehow in my five years of bad luck phase?) have taught me the exact recipe to speeding up getting back to normal.

Play music that gets you out of your head

This music is different than your normal everyday music. It makes you want to get up and move, or drive with the windows down. It evokes an emotional response that separates you from the depressing thoughts in your head. The music you play doesn't even have to be your normal genre! My current playlist is a bunch of popular pop hits that are so catchy I feel the need to sing along, getting me out of my head. You could even just listen to the same song over and over again if you'd like. As long as your brain is distracted from your thoughts it's working.

Morgan's "Outta Funk" Playlist

Focus on self-indulgence

Self-indulgence is different than self-care. Self-care is focused on activities that overall promote better health. Self-indulgence is focused on self-care without the better health aspect. It's watching Netflix for six hours. Or eating a bag of chips. Whatever activity that makes you feel soothed, relaxed, and you'd normally feel guilty for doing. I like self-indulgence because it makes my brain zero out, stop thinking for a moment. An afternoon of watching a season of Search Party while eating chips and guac and playing games on my phone makes me feel AMAZING after. Yes, long term would be horrible, but for a day really soothes my soul. Self-indulgence shocks your system to make you want to return to normal, because a day on the couch always makes me want to move around the next day.

Plan something to look forward to

My mom says this a lot, and I think it's so true. When you have something to look forward to, you feel better. When in a funk I try to think of what I have upcoming that is exciting. Currently it's my best friend's wedding at the end of the month. I'm so excited to dress up and have a wonderful weekend celebrating her and her to-be husband! Having that event focuses my mind and gets me through the rough days.

Get out of the house

It doesn't matter where you go, leave your house! Go for a walk, shop at Target, visit a friend, sit on a bench and people watch...the list goes on. As long as you are not physically inside your house, you're doing it! No clue what the psychology is here, but I do feel better when I get out.

Practice affirmations daily

Ever since I started the Five Minute Journal, I've gotten really into affirmations. I try to have 1-2 a day that are really intentional to how I want to feel. Putting that positive energy into your brain tricks your brain into feeling positive. Some affirmations I love are:

  • Good things happen to me every single day.

  • I don't chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me.

  • The abundance I seek is also seeking me.

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