50 Reasons I Loved High School

As told by yesterday, I graduated high school on Saturday.

High school. It was the best of times, it was the worst of time. And to celebrate my graduation, I decided to compile a list of 50 events/quotes/happenings/etc. of my high school career that I will always remember because they made the last four years pretty darn great. So without further ado, enjoy some of my favorite moments of high school.

(Note: Most of these are from Senior year, because all those Government notes pushed every other year away from my brain. This post is also mostly for my own enjoyment.)

Why High School Could Be Considered Some of the Best Years of My Life

1. Inappropriate Wednesday. Back in November I went over to my best friend’s house on a Wednesday and while playing Zumba Core, her sister mentioned me theoretically giving a certain British YouTuber a lap dance and in the end I decided to deem Wednesday as a day full of inappropriate comments. I celebrate by saying dirty pick-up lines all day!

2. High school was the time of my first date. I was under the impression I was going with my male friend to the movies and then my mom made a joke it was a date and then he invited our other friend to come with us and he bought my snacks and three months later I found out he had a crush on me. It was incredibly odd, but I got free Reese’s Pieces and got to see Alice in Wonderland!

3. In May I bought a top from Old Navy, a chambray button-up with tiny anchors. I wore it to school and my friend Alex, when she saw me, said, “You have to wear that shirt when you meet Harry Styles.”

4. In between the July and December of my Freshman year, I wrote a full-length novel. Approximately 56,000 words.

5. Back in February my friends and I made a remake of One Direction’s music video ‘Kiss You’. In our Senior video, the creators decided to put clips of our video in. I sat embarrassed hiding behind my friends. What a way to come out as a Directioner…

6. At the end of January I went to California to visit family. As a way to say they missed me, my friends littered my Facebook Timeline with pictures of One Direction, themselves, and other humorous posts.

7. After working my bum off in AP Language & Composition Junior year and getting a 3 on my AP practice exam, I ended up receiving a 4 on the actual exam. So proud of myself! Especially after comparing answers with classmates and seeing that I did it completely different than them.

8. Ever since Freshman year, my school’s acting teacher has called me Peggy after the character on Mad Men.

9. My friends and I had a party where we watched the BRIT awards (an award show completely dedicated to British artists) and became fans of the camera man who, while Taylor Swift was walking on stage, quickly shot to Harry Styles, which made all of us laugh. Along with Taylor’s very scandalous rendition of ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’.

10. I make a deal to do a service project each year, and this year my friends and I did a fundraiser for the British charity Comic Relief. We had a walk-a-thon, which was not only fun to plan, but was great to put on. We had lots of community come in, and we raised about $500!

11. On my 18th birthday I wore a new dress and my English teacher, who is known for being quite fashionable and trendy, complimented me. Best birthday ever!

12. When I was taking Chemistry, towards the end of the year I had a 79%. We took our final exam and I checked my grade during French class and discovered I had a 80% in the class I screamed!

13. A friend of mine and I are big Bo Burnham fans and in one of his songs he mentions the character Skeeter from the cartoon, Doug. While walking down the hill from my house, we noticed a boat with the word Skeeter written on the side. Made our song come to life!

14. My best friend and I are in the same biology class and we learned lots of biology prefixes and suffixes this year. My nicknames are GymnoMorgan (gymno means naked, I am never dressed when she texts me to pick me up) and Morganoderm (I am a starfish, deal with it).

15. I am really into Doctor Who and after pressuring my friend to watch it, one day she came into my work and grabbed me and yelled, “I love Doctor Who! It is the best show! I’m obsessed!” It was so funny!

16. The first time I ever drove it was in a big empty parking lot and I kept on just trying to move the car and my mom kept on yelling, “Stop hitting the imaginary cars!” There were a LOT of imaginary dents.

17. Sophomore year I made my first friend who didn’t live in the same town as me. Although our friendship didn’t last long, I really liked knowing someone from a different school.

18. This year my friends and I all purchased shirts that have the Pitch Perfect saying, “Yeah no…don’t put me down for cardio.” When my dad saw my shirt he said, “That is the perfect shirt for you. Because I will never be put down for cardio.

19. In my yearbook my friend wrote, “Kidnapping is not a romantic proposal”.

20. Our ‘Kiss You’ remake hitting 400 views.

21. For Christmas this year we did a Secret Santa and one of us bought our Niall Horan fan friend one of those creepy One Direction dolls. When she opened it she cried! It was so beautiful, she was speechless! One of my favorite gift moments for sure!

22. In Paris this last summer, my metro ticket was stolen. When I explained it to my teacher she said, “Next time you see her, you tell that bitch…” By far the funniest thing my French teacher has ever said. Along with knowing several songs by Usher.

23. My friend Miranda and I have an ongoing fight about who will end up with Harry Styles. It’s mostly because she just doesn’t understand how wrong she is. Anyway, the two of us are going our separate ways in September and have an joke that we are our own little ‘couple’. She wrote this in my yearbook.

“I regret our break up but I understand that it had to end because Harry will be mine!”

24. I bought my friend Estefany a mug with Niall Horan’s face so that whenever she drinks out of it she will be forced to stare at him.

25. Both in May of 2010 and June 2012 I was Freshly Pressed here on WordPress. Definitely one of my favorite achievements and made high school pretty amazing to be an award-winning high school blogger!

26. I met my best friend when I said, “Logan Lerman is so cute!” and she overheard me and we talked about how adorable he is for ten minutes.

27. When applying for college, I was accepted into my first choice school!

28. I was in Europe when Spain won the World Cup. I got no sleep that night from the commotion on the streets. It was insane!

29. My friend made me an ‘intervention’ when she thought I was too obsessed with Logan Lerman (which is impossible). Here it is. If this doesn’t make you giggle, nothing will.

While Logan is not filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower, he is usually found…punching puppies?</p>
<p>Oh gosh Amanda, I love you.

30. My friend Victoria left for church after a sleepover. This is what happened in the morning

Amanda: Where’d Victoria go?Me: Church.Tyson: On a Sunday? What the heck?!

31. When I was in Switzerland we travelled with a  group of kids from Denver, CO who were just a bit snobby. While eating fondue, my group ate it correctly, while they had to have the grumpy Swiss waitress show them (quite forcefully) how to swirl the bread around, instead of lightly dipping it. It felt so good to do something better than them!

32. Also while in Switzerland, my friend and I sang ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ to a group of swans, but changed the lyrics to “You don’t know you’re beautiful…SWAN!”

33. Going to the Oregon Coast. It was super fun!

34. “Do you prefer hubby, boyfriend, or special friend” while talking about the 12-year-old that had a crush on me.

35. While watching the One Direction Concert DVD, my friend Alicia yelled, “Shh guys! Zayn’s singing!”

36. My only A on a Biology test was on the cat practical, which had me identify over 100 organs and bones.

37. Here’s a story:

“I’m going to take her to a pub in Ireland and punch her and I’ll just say that I’m drunk and don’t know what’s going on and it was just a bar fight.”“And then you’ll meet Niall Horan and get married because he’s so impressed with your fighting skills. Then Estefany and Katie will kill you because they are so jealous, but then Niall will find out they killed you and be so upset that he’ll send them to jail and Miranda will be here to comfort him and then we’ll get married!”“So basically you want me to punch her so you can marry Niall?”“Well duh!”

38. When all the Juniors in my school suddenly got into Doctor Who and it was all over Facebook. I had never liked them so much.

39. Filming both One Direction remakes that we did. Here’s the other one.

40. At my Junior prom at the end of the night, when most everyone had left, my friends and I took advantage of the empty dance floor and did some dance moves from Grease.

41. When One Direction announced a pop-up store in Portland, my friend screamed. Loudly. It was HILARIOUS!

42. At my school, the night of graduation is spent at the local work-out center for a big party where you can win prizes. I won a laptop!

43. Another lovely quote from Miranda in my yearbook. P.S. Our couple nickname is Morgatt.

“I will love you forever Morgatt. Unless you steal Harry then it’s ON!”

44. My Senior prom and staying in a hotel and having a great time dancing and enjoying each other’s company.


45. Even though they’ve been a pain the last year, getting my braces on was really exciting. Only three more months until they are off!

46. After learning the word BURMA from this video, my best friend and I have kept using this term for general amusement.

47. A real boy asked for my real phone number.

48. While traipsing through Switzerland, I stepped in dog poo. While super gross, it makes for a fun story to tell.

49. In Belgium, I asked my friend Kiera what she was taking a picture of to which she replied, “I’m zooming in to get a picture of the super cute waiter at the café across the square.” We spent the rest of our time trying to get as close to him as we could.

50. The best thing my AP Government teacher has ever said:

“Have a good weekend! And stay off the crack pipe!”

And those are some of my favorite moments from high school! I hope you enjoyed and got some giggles from my own last four years. Please comment below if you want me to make a list of my least favorite moments of high school.

Thank you all for being the best subscribers in the world and I’ll see you soon!

Stay classy Internet,


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