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7 Reasons to Have a Girls' Night

I’m a big believer in girls’ night. So much so that when I am on break and all my girls are in town I am throwing parties or creating dinners just so I can see them.

One thing I have noticed while in college is that girls’ night is not so big. We get so busy with school, work, homework, future career plans, etc. that we forget to just have a night on the town with our besties. Which is a shame.

I have compiled seven reasons why a girls’ night is important to incorporate into your routine every once in a while because it’s more than just a little break, it’s creating relationships and memories that will last you for the rest of your life.

Who’s ready for a girls’ night?!

Why Girls’ Night Should Always Be On Your Calendar

1. It keeps your friendships strong

Spending one night a week with your girls chatting and whatnot is what keeps a friendship strong. Sure, you all text, but how is that friendship going to stay strong if the only time you see their face is their selfies? Talking and having face-to-face interaction has been proven to strengthen friendships, so make sure to get that time in before it’s too late. Also, you can give them hugs!

2. It helps unwind from a stressful week

Had a rough week? Unwind by sitting with your girls and eating tapas and complaining about what a jerk your professor is. Having your friend’s support will help you get it all off your shoulders and enjoy your dinner out.

3. It gives you an excuse to dress up

50 Cute Girls Night out Outfits and Ideas to adopt this year:

You know why I love girls’ night? Hello eye shadow that is waaaaaaaay too pretty for me to wear to class. And I can wear heeled boots and a cute skirt and…you get the picture. Have some fun with your wardrobe and hit the town!

4. It allows chatting without awkwardly sitting around

There’s sitting around at your coffee date with Becky, which feels a little forced. But when your whole squad is together sitting in your living room drinking wine and watching American Idol? The conversation is flowing and you can talk about whatever. Seriously, chatting is so much easier with more people, so having more than just one person across from you is the best.

5. It forces you to socialize

50 Cute Girls Night out Outfits and Ideas to adopt this year:

Admit it, you’re a couch potato. Girls’ night forces you to get some much needed SLA (Social Life Activity) that you probably need after watching a whole season on Netflix last night. By going to girls’ night it will help you not be the friend who never goes to anything and doesn’t want to invite because of it.

6. It gets everyone together

Having everyone together is amazing because you can catch up on all the things everyone has been doing. It no longer has to be over a group message that takes place in the middle of your lunch break or buzzes in your pocket during a job interview. You’re face-to-face and have the whole night to be connecting! Seriously, this is the best and should be one of the biggest reasons you have girls’ night!

7. It makes you happier

How to do a girls night out without alcohol. I've got to be honest almost everything on the list makes me think of drinking!:

Being around people who support you and make you feel good about yourself makes you happy. When I’m with my girls, all I feel is warm and happy inside because I’m with people who I know will always have my back. And that makes my whole night amazing, and afterward I have a happy high from all the great times I had. Girls’ night = happiness.


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