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7 Ways to Have a Simply Blissful Morning

There is something to be said about having a relaxing morning. Where you don’t have to rush, you have time to do your hair, and sitting down with a decent breakfast is not a problem. Those are the best kinds of mornings, and on Fridays, I get those kinds of mornings.

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This morning, after a slightly hectic Week 1 of winter term, I got to spend a full hour eating a buttered chocolate croissant, drinking earl grey tea, and getting to surf the web on my MacBook to get my daily news. It was truly a morning I was in dire need of. We all deserve to have some bliss and restfulness in our morning, and let’s be real, none of us get that usually.

Because we all do deserve a relaxing morning, I have come up with a list of ways to have a blissful morning, without stressing!

Have a Blissful Morning, Every Morning

1. Have a real breakfast

Take some time out of your day to actually eat breakfast. Actually cook something (an egg scramble is always a favourite) or get something from the local bakery you can warm up and slather in butter. Have some milk or juice with your coffee and put away your stress for some enjoyable reading. Chew your food slowly and enjoy the delicious flavours. Having a decent breakfast is the best way to have a great morning.

2. Put away your work

I know it’s tempting to check your emails and get started on the day’s appointments and scheduling. But that will make you stressed before the sun rises! Put away your phone and laptop and pick up a book or newspaper. Read something that doesn’t make you want to tear your hair out, and actually enjoy your morning cup of joe with some knowledgeable or fun reading. And if you’re not a reader, watch some cartoons or news, or even spend some time with those you live with!

3. Take your time in the shower

I am well known for the fact I can get completely ready in under 40 minutes. But that’s with the clock running and my stress rising high. Part of creating a blissful morning is to enjoy each part of it. Take a shower and actually participate in each thing you do, not rush through it. Wash your hair thoroughly, use your loofah, and maybe take time to shave your legs! If you’re looking to relax yourself, at least start with how you shower.

4. Prepare everything the night before

This does take planning, but makes your morning so much easier. The night before put together any appointments, documents, etc. so that you won’t have to check on them in the morning. This is great for students because if you finish all your work the night before, you can get a few more zzz’s in in the morning and not rush to finish anything before class.

5. Listen to instrumental music

It sounds boring (especially if you’re a lover of pop rock like me) but listening to instrumental music is proven to relax. Playing some instrumentals (I like to play the instrumentals to my favourite indie songs) will mellow out your mind and make your morning that much more peaceful as you go through your routine.

6. Actually put effort into getting ready

While we all would like to put on a sweatshirt and leave the house each morning, that isn’t going to make your morning very enjoyable. Put aside the time to put on a planned outfit, do your hair/makeup if that’s what you do, deal with personal hygiene, and make sure your socks match! Even something as trivial as this can really make your morning blissful and easy on your mind, making for a less stressful day.

7. Take a minute to sit down

It sounds silly, but sitting down is a blissful experience. Find a comfy spot in your home (I love my leather sectional right by the window) and looking out on the courtyard while I sip my tea. It doesn’t sound like much, but it helps me clear my mind a little before I start my day.


If you’re looking to have slightly more blissful mornings, I hope these tips help you!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend. I’m happy I get to sleep in and I have girls’ night tonight, so I can’t wait for that!

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