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7 Ways to Keep Calm at Work

Whether you work in an office or in your home, work can be stressful. From upset customers calling to yell on the phone, or simply facing disappointment when a project doesn’t work out, it is easy to lose cool when it isn’t smooth sailing.

I often face these issues as my job is multi-faceted and I become frustrated. When that happens my productivity goes down the whole and suddenly I’ve wasted hours because one thing upset me. That’s why I have my “Keep Calm and Carry On” office tricks for those stress out moments in the office.

If you find yourself getting frustrated or upset at something at work, try one of these tips – or a few depending on the situation – and see if it helps to get you back on that hustle!

7 Tips for Keeping Calm at Work

keeping calm at work

Try desk yoga

Desk yoga is great if you are in an isolated spot, so you can truly relax without prying eyes. If you need a quick fix, and maybe a stretch, trying these yoga poses will do some good for your nerves. DoYouYoga has a great collection of poses here to try.

Have a snack

If you’re not fed, you’re not working. Always have a collection of snacks at your desk – I love to have Trader Joe’s trail mixes and dried fruit – and take a minute to enjoy yourself when you feel stress come on. That moment of enjoyment that comes from a snack can help you get back on track.

Pop open a reed diffuser

Candles are dangerous. Which is why most offices and apartment complexes mark them as a no-no. But a reed diffuser is a gorgeous and functional way to enjoy scent. When you start to feel frustrated or upset, open a reed diffuser at your desk, like this NEST Cedar Leaf & Lavender diffuser. Try to purchase scents that are relaxing, such as lavender or vanilla, and only pop a few sticks in for an afternoon of relaxation while you deal with your emails.

Get out of the office

Offer to make an office supply run. Go out to grab lunch. When you co-worker goes to grab their midday pickup coffee, join them. Any excuse to get out of the office can help to clear the mind, blocking stress. I always find even a few minutes away from the office can really help on busy, long days.

Make a cup of tea

Tea is a beautiful thing, and many varieties can help alleviate stress. When a proposal is denied or I have an issue with a co-worker, I find a cup of tea is just what I need to feel better. I’ve recently been gravitating toward this Lov Organic Tea.

Spend an hour away from the screen

Can’t walk away from work? Step away from the computer and do something with your hands. Staring at that screen can make the headache you have worse. Switch to making lists for what you need to do, or filling out that spreadsheet by hand. Your eyes will thank you and your mind will be more clear.

Play calming/happy music

The music you play when you’re working is so important. It sets the whole mood! Choose playlists that calm you or makes you happy to set the tone for your work day. If something unpleasant happens – like a disappointing email – focus on your playlist and remember that its’ going to be okay.

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