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8 Beauty Hacks for the Lazy Girl

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s walking into my 8am looking like I haven’t slept in a year and haven’t stepped foot in a Sephora in my life. It’s an art, really.

But that look went out of style long ago and now the entire world is sharing tips on how to look beautiful for your 4am flight. I still believe this is myth, but after trying some hacks, I am now a firm believer in the beauty for the lazy girl – or looking beautiful for your 4am flight.

If you have early class, a ridiculously timed travel plan, or you just have no energy to get ready, these hacks will keep you beautiful and put together even if you spent less than 10 minutes preparing.

Who’s ready to get beautiful (and sleep in)?!

Beauty for the Lazy Girl: An Enthusiast Guide

1. Slather on your BB cream

BB cream is the magical skin solution. It’s sheer enough to not be super obvious if it streaks (which it won’t, it’s basically medicated tinted moisturizer) but opaque enough to cover any gross marks or even skin tone. Don’t be afraid to apply a liberal amount to your face (with a brush, please!) in the morning and don’t worry about it for the rest of the day. I also like this better than foundation because application is much quicker.

2. If nothing else, do your eyebrows

My daily grooming routine, favorite brow-shaping trick, and more!:

Your eyebrows are a very important part of your face, and if you want to look polished without any time, apply some brow gel and spoolie them up to create a more dramatic brow that demands attention and looks like you didn’t just crawl out of bed hungover.

3. Curling your ponytail is natural and takes 5 minutes

Curl your hair while it’s in a high ponytail for quick, effortless waves. | 21 Extremely Useful Curling Iron Tricks Everyone Should Know:

I don’t like my natural hair usually, which means my curling iron is my best friend, but the 20 minutes to make beachy waves is time I don’t have. But putting my hair is a ponytail and curling it takes no time at all and looks very natural and gorgeous.

4. Bronze that face

Now it’s time for some contouring magic, y’all.:

Bronzer is my baby right now. Apply some to the jaw line, in a three around the hairline and under the cheekbones, and a quick swipe over eyelids makes a very natural sunkissed look that works lovely for the winter months and looks pretty without being overdone. Who needs contouring?

5. Smudge your mascara slightly and never go back

The nonstop smoky lined eye: Line the inner upper & lower rims & lashlines with a black kohl pencil, & then apply black powder shadow along your upper & lower lashlines to diffuse the eyeliner. Then, dot the center of your eyelids with black cream shadow to add dimension & blend that shadow out into a sexy almond shape. Lastly, curl your lashes, & apply mascara on top & bottom.:

Applying mascara precisely takes forever. But if you smudge your mascara slightly while applying (and rushing for that 9am meeting) it creates  a bit of a smoky eye look that looks amazing day or night.

6. Wash hair, then plop back in bed

7 Monday Morning Hairstyles That You Can Do in Under 5 Minutes via @byrdiebeauty:

My #1 hair hack. Wake up slightly early, wash your hair, apply some product and brush out, and then climb back in bed. Watch an episode or two of The Mindy Project and then see the natural waves and body that your hair now possesses from lying on your pillow. Seriously, this works amazing.

7. When in doubt, add a bold lip

Oxblood lips. Evened out with soft femme details. Miranda Kerr.:

I am a big believer that a dark, vampy red lipstick makes every Monday better. No one messes with someone in a bold lip colour, so just swipe some on, make sure it’s in place, and head to class where everyone is noticing your lips, not the fact you were writing that paper until 3am.

8. Dry shampoo at night

rab a can of texturizing spray or dry shampoo — Tran prefers Oribe's Dry Texture Spray — and blast the roots of your hair, holding the spray 12 inches away from your head. Go section by section, and slowly layer the spray into your locks, avoiding the ends.:

Every girl knows the trick to dry shampoo, but what if I told you I can make it better? Instead of applying the powder to your hair in the morning when it’s oily, apply it before you go to bed liberally so it can soak into your strands. And because you’ll be sleeping, you won’t have to brush out the powder in the morning because it will blend in. This has saved my hair for many mornings, and it adds amazing texture!


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