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9 Ways to Make 2016 Your Year

Okay, first week of 2016 and we’re all looking for a little hope that it will be the best yet! We’re sticking to our resolutions, cutting out crappy people, realizing healthy food is super expensive, and hoping all of this lasts until December 31, 2016.

But the reality is that a lot of us fall off the bandwagon about a month in. You’re tired, hungry, and that stupid ex-boyfriend keeps calling. What do you do? You want 2016 to be your year, your shining glory, and you didn’t even make it a month in! How are you supposed to obtain your goal?

The trick to making any year your year is to know the tips and tricks that are long lasting and not going to burn you out. It’s so easy to rock this year, or any future year, by knowing where to start and where to keep your pace. Below are nine simple tricks that are easy to follow and ensure that you’re fantastic every day of 2016.

As someone who had a pretty rough and tumble 2015, as I’m now realizing, I hope you’ll join me in remaking our lives into something beautiful and positive.

Who’s ready to start being as fabulous as Sharpay Evans?

Your Top 9 Guide to Being the Star of 2016

1. Make “me time” every day

While you’re focusing on yourself and your resolutions now, once you get stressed out your emotional and physical health is the last thing you want to think about. Spend a little time each day, even a measly 20 minutes, and do something that makes you feel good, like yoga or painting your nails. You’ll feel much better about yourself and have a more positive outlook. Plus your nails will look great!

2. Begin having open and honest conversations…with everyone

This one is my biggest struggle. If you bottle everything like me you become a bitter stinkypants and end up more alone than you thought when you were bitter. Tell people how you feel and encourage others to do the same for you. This way there won’t be resentment or anything left unresolved that can build up. THIS IS MY BIGGEST RESOLUTION.

3. Look at healthy eating like you look at dessert

Yes, that salad does look disgusting, but the way you’ll feel after eating it will be worth it. Healthy eating promotes healthy insides, and when your insides are happy there is no reason to have that extra brownie. Change your prospective on eating before changing what you eat.

4. Put reminders everywhere

A big problem with resolutions is that we forget about them. So alleviate that and put them everywhere! Okay, I’me exaggerating, but reminders are key. To remind me to eat healthy and work out I have a little paper in my closet with my workout schedule and planned meals. Since I have to get dressed in the morning, the first thing I will see is this goal I have set out for myself.

5. Use the people you trust

Something I learned last year is that you need people to tell you when you’re doing bad. Ask someone you trust (a best friend, a parent, a partner, etc.) and have them promise that they will say something when you go off the bandwagon. Since sometimes we don’t even notice it in ourselves, someone on the outside will and you need them to tell you.

6. Give yourself rewards often to do better often

No, I’m not saying eat chocolate cake after you work out, but give yourself rewards to keep up good work. My reward for working hard this semester? Going to a Rachel Platten concert (and I get to meet her!). My reward for keeping up with my reading? A night of Netflix. See, it’s easy to give yourself rewards that make you look forward to finishing your task (correctly) for the great prize it promotes!

7. Be positive to receive positive

Another big lesson for me. When you give out positive vibes and treat others nicely and speak with kind words, you are promoting a positive atmosphere in your life. More positive people will come into your life from this and you’ll see your life as a more positive and enjoyable place to live in.

8. Set realistic expectations early

I know I’m not going to go to the gym every day. I also know I’m not going to eat plain chicken breast every night. The sooner the better, but set your resolutions as a reasonable level you can attain. When you don’t it stresses you out and that’s how we screw ourselves over.

9. Check yourself every day

Are you following your goal? While you might have someone looking out for you, be your own best friend and find out how you’re doing. Are you following your goals? Sometimes the only person living for you is you, so please don’t let yourself down.


I hope you’ve gained something from this blog post and I wish you the very best 2016! Comment below with what tricks you’ve learned to stick to your resolutions.

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