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Well, you’ve done it again! You’ve sent me your questions and I’ve finally gotten around to answering them. I’m giving myself a gold star!

Anyway, I hope you all find this Q&A informative if not entertaining, and remember if you want to ask me a question, just send it to me via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

If you weren’t blogging, what would you be doing?

Studying, and becoming the smartest kid in my class. But no, here I am, blogging.

What’s your ringtone?

Don’t laugh. It’s ‘One Thing’ by One Direction. And it was for a joke, and now it’s just because it’s so loud that I never miss when my phone rings. Normally it’s the church bell chimes that come preloaded onto the iPhone.

Describe your style.

Blair Waldorf meets Grace Helbig meets Emma Watson meets Taylor Swift meets Reese Witherspoon meets Alexa Chung. Imagine they all had a baby. That is me.

The zombie apocalypse is coming. What is your weapon?

A wok. Or a fondue fork.

What is your dream job?

Where I don’t have one and my husband pays the bills. Just kidding! I’d love to work at a magazine. Independent women for the win!

What is your favorite GIF?

I couldn’t decide. So here’s a few that, when I see them, instant happiness takes place.

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Who is your inspiration?

My parents. I have the absolute honor of being related to two people who are loving and caring and funny and who I know will always love me. They have both done so much in their careers and done so much for other people and their love for me inspires me to be the same for my kids. Great, now I’m crying.

Have you ever been in love?

Yes. It’s called chocolate.

What’s your favorite movie?

What is your ideal guy like?

You. Sorry, natural impulse got ahead of me there. What a strange question though. My ideal guy? Like, if I met him I’d do anything to marry him? Brunette, British, green or blue eyes (because I just can’t do brown), sweet, is at least intellectually equal to me, curious, incredibly goofy, can cook, is good with children, and can do his own laundry. And has dimples. Because if we procreate, I want the biggest chance possible of our child having little baby dimples.

What would happen if you met One Direction?

What is something you like about your job?

I’m assuming you mean my job working with children. I like that when kids come to see me they get really excited and smile really wide because they know they get to have lots of fun for the next few hours.

What would you do if today was the last day of your life?

I’d play Just Dance 4 with all my friends like there was no tomorrow (as there wouldn’t be) and eat lots of burgers and fries and milkshakes and bread (because my weight wouldn’t matter tomorrow) and then watch lots of films and have lots of laughs. Because in all honesty, my life is the three F’s: friends, food, and films.

What’s your screen saver?

Who is your celebrity crush?

Leonardo DiCaprio. Like, come on, can you please stop being attractive so I can start breathing?

If you could meet any person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Julie Andrews. She’s…amazing.

What is your mental age?

This is what I told my friend. I have the looks of a 17 year old girl, the reasoning of a 30 year old woman, and the humor of a 14 year old boy.

Who was your last text message to and what did it say?

Okay, so I was texting my fabulous friend Katy and talking about how a girl in my class used my Pinterest board to make a point about how celebrities can build fanbases on there, and used a picture I’d pinned of Harry Styles as her example and how she then basically told everyone  I have a Harry Styles doll. And a quick note to this, I did not buy a Harry Styles doll. It was a joke gift.


I hope you guys enjoyed that and make sure to send more questions for even more ridiculously Morgan answers!

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