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A Blossoming Criminal Record & Still No Tan

Hello Enthusiasts!

Wow, it feels like so long since I have actually sat down in front of Cormac (my trusted Mac) and actually wrote something! Life has been incredibly hectic lately and I can now tell you all about it!

So, I just went on Spring Break. And even though I barely slept the four nights I was in Utah, every minute was absolutely fantastic! And by fantastic I may mean that I did several slightly illegal things, spent a lot of hours dress shopping, and sang in the car like it was my shower. I went to Salt Lake City to visit one of my high school friends with three of my other amazing high school friends.

A Blossoming Criminal Record & Still No Tan: The Morgan Hegarty Guide to Correctly Spring Breaking

1. Sing like there will be no tomorrow (literally, you will have no voice tomorrow)

From where I live to Salt Lake City it is a nine hour drive. That means being cramped with three other girls in a car for an incredibly long period of time having to coexist. And considering I didn’t go to bed until 2am on the morn of our 8:30am drive it is a complete miracle no one died. Now, the thing about having four girls in a car is that you need to have music that everyone likes. And when you have a Lady Gaga lover, a country fanatic, and two huge 1D/Little Mix/Olly Murs/5SOS/ZZ Ward fans in a car it can be a little much. Until you play “Story of My Life” in the car and suddenly everyone is at peace. So on the drive there and back, choosing music went pretty well. Sure, there were times when everyone was sick of constant Little Mix and more than once I wanted to cry over hearing a song played over five times. But we all learned the words to ZZ Ward’s “Put the Gun Down” so there’s a bonus!

2. Your English teacher should not be knocking at your door at 8:51am

Imagine: You and your friend are laying in bed ten minutes before your alarm goes off. There is a knocking at the door, followed by the beeping of an incorrect key card. You and your friend lock eyes and quietly inquiry about what could be going on. You, being too curious for your own good, hop out of bed and look out the keyhole to see a woman who looks strangely like your senior year AP Literature teacher giving up on trying to force their way into your room. Needless to say, you can’t go back to bed after that.

3. Faking identities is totally normal, right?

When traveling to another city, why not give yourself a fake name? We might have been Andy, Maggie, Lola, Bae, and Katie for a few days.

4. If you don’t fully dedicate yourself to buying a dress, you don’t deserve the dress

On Tuesday, Salt Lake City (and Provo, as we went on a day trip to BYU) was a whopping seventy degrees farenheit. As someone who has been living in rainy and cold Eugene for six months, sun is a foreign concept. So on the day previous I knew that wearing a dress was my best chance of staying cool in the torturous heat. But just because I wanted a dress didn’t mean that it would be easy to find. After one Wet Seal, a two-story Forever 21, one Love Culture, and dinner, I finally came across a dress that actually worked in another Forever 21. And even that one was when I knocked into a rack. That is a solid five hours of dress shopping. Where’s my medal, Olympic judges?

5. Zoos: Unsure of whether I came to see all the animals or the hundreds of children


If you ever get bored, go visit the University of Utah campus. They have a zoo. And by a zoo I mean a full functioning area filled with animals (elephants, giraffes, wildcats, etc.) And when you aren’t looking at animals, you can get an eyeful of preschool children running around being upset that the “old ladies” are getting picture and they are not. The Hogle Zoo was incredibly fun and the adventures were plentiful! I rode a carousel for the first time in years (and in a dress no less!) and spent time with my favourite girls. Obviously it was amazing!

6. What team? Wildcats! And major fans!


Driving through Salt Lake City, searching for a gas station, and suddenly I drive by a building that says East High. In the back of my brain I remember my father telling me that “High School Musical” was filmed in Salt Lake. So you can imagine my absolute joy when I placed it together that I was in the proximity of the place where my favourite middle school movie was filmed! I screamed and fangirled until my friends agreed to go check it out with me. And we may or may not have gone inside and checked out the school. It looks just like the movie! Of course, the principal may or may not have made us leave, but it was still the greatest thing ever! My inner middle schooler may have fangirled MASSIVELY.

And those are the highlights of my Spring Break! It was lovely and wonderful and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake City. What did everyone else do for theirs?

Stay classy, Internet,










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