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A Bright New Enthusiastic Future

The future has a way of arriving unannounced. – George Will

As some of you know, last month I moved back home to job search and annoy my dog with cuddles and annoying baby voices. I worried that I would be back in my Eastern Oregon home for months and months, but I’m glad to announce that, well…

I am now a fully employed adult.

My efforts have paid off and on Friday I accepted the offer from a company in Portland, where I will be moving in two short weeks. Yes, George Will, the future arrives very unannounced.


I’m writing this blog post to not only brag about my good fortune (because who doesn’t like a good humble brag?) but also to talk about the future.

Graduating from university in three years sounds like the dream, but in reality you’re 21 and are more comfortable with intro classes than a 401K. And considering my last college class was only six weeks ago, I went into the job search feeling a little unsure about myself and what I had to offer to a company.

And now that I’m staring my future in the face, I realize that the future is about realizing that you have zero preparation and have to adapt. I went from sitting on my couch watching Catfish reruns and eating cantaloupe to making lists of everything I need to do before I move. Where are all of my winter clothes? When can I go to the bank? Do I want more pairs of work appropriate shoes?

Golden rule:

The future is completely unpredictable and, as someone who loves planning, I’m throwing caution to the wind and letting the future take me where it sees fit. It’s done a pretty good job already.

And for all the other aspects of my life? I look forward to being close to friends and family, living in one of my favourite cities in the world, and turning this blog to a whole new chapter of The Enthusiast. This is no longer a college kid’s blog. It’s a working adult with a goofy sense of humour’s blog.

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I hope you will all follow me on this exciting adventure and see the new segments and posts that come from my move and my new life. Aka, lots of restaurant reviews and replacing my Eugene-inspired fashion with something a bit more refined.

Here’s to a new future, one that is bright and everything enthusiastic!


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