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A Day in the Life

About a month ago I received a request about what a day in my life looked like. While I do not exactly live the most exciting life, I do try to live in a way that helps me get things done and have fun too.

5am – Wake up and take a shower. My hair is really thick and takes forever to dry, so I have to shower as soon as possible so that my hair is dry enough to style before school. After my shower, yoga awaits. I found this amazing app Daily Yoga that does great yoga moves that relax me all day for 20, 40, or 60 minute increments. I usually do 20 minutes in the morning to get me going.

5:50am – Energized for the day, I go upstairs and eat breakfast. My breakfast varies on my mood, but there are a few entrees that are my go-to. Scrambled egg sandwich with a slice of cheese, Greek yogurt and a piece of peanut butter toast, or oatmeal with cinnamon apple syrup and powdered sugar. All are filling, delicious, and get me started for a day of work and play. While I eat, I usually answer the Daily SAT Question from CollegeBoard. I’m taking the SATs in under a month. After I do that, I usually catch up on any unanswered e-mails, text messages, or go through my to do list for the day. Breakfast is a time for preparing for the day.

6:20am – I go brush my teeth, completely dry my hair ( a blow dryer is a girl’s best friend), and wake up my little brother. I am the human alarm clock.

6:30am – By far my favorite part of the day, getting dolled up for school always takes the longest. Choosing the right outfit and accessories, not to mention styling my now-dry hair gets me ready to officially head off to school and all other adventures for the day.

7:20am – Head off to school with a mug of green tea, my favorite. I put the tea in my personalized travel mug, which you can make too in this post here.

8am – School starts and so does the vast amount of tests, assignments, and social interactions. During my study hall, I try to snack on a granola bar to keep up my energy.

2:45pm – School is over and it’s time to head home for homework. If I need to purchase anything at the store, I do so now. Also, if I need to run any errands, I try to do them before I go home.

3:30pm – Homework time! All homework, applications, essays, and other paperwork is done now. The sooner I get it out of the way, the more relaxation time I can get later.

5pm on Tuesdays – My regular babysitting job. I love spending time with my kids and playing 6 straight games of Just Dance 3. Not to mention I get to practice my storytelling skills!

5-5:30pm – My blog await! Although I might not post every day, I do spend this time thinking of post ideas or working on new concepts (like my current design for the Teenage Enthusiasm remodel).

6pm – Dinner. Usually a healthy home-cooked meal, with the occasional trip to a restaurant in town. For Lent I’m giving up sugar, so no dessert for me!

7:30pm – I read a chapter of one of my SAT guides for 30 minutes.

8pm – I watch some television and relax. I might work on a simple project I’m doing or practicing new hair styles (I recently just figured out how to curl my hair with a flat iron!)

9pm – Bed time! Read for a little while then fall asleep to make sure that I have enough energy to repeat such a crazy day.

Of course, I also have friends over and go to films and other fun things throughout the week too, but this is my average day. I hope you all enjoyed and that it gave you ideas on how you fill your day into small increments and still get things done, while having fun.

My life is all about being a teenager, while living with enthusiasm to brighten up even the most boring events. Hope you had a great Wednesday!

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