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A Guide on Hiatus and Mental Health

Where have you been, Morgan?

As you might have noticed I have not posted on this blog in over a week. It’s been a little bare, but I promise I have a very good reason (there’s actually a few) as to why I have been missing and have now made my triumphant return.

And now, here is my very (GIFable) reasoning to taking a little break and coming back even badder than ever (and a college graduate). Let’s go!

How My Mental Health Became a Priority and I Graduated College

Being a blogger on top of school and work is always difficult. And sometimes there are sacrifices to make. Usually I try to always make time to put my three blog posts in, but this week I had to put down my laptop and focus on the more relaxing points of my life before my brain exploded in my childhood bedroom. Here’s what happened:

1. There were a lot of graduations

Last week my brother (who I couldn’t be more proud of) graduated from high school. I can’t believe how grown up he is and am so excited to watch him move on to this new event in life. And from his graduation to the joint graduation party we had, it was a lot of stuff that weekend. Not to mention my own graduation yesterday (there will be more about this in my next post) that was a weekend of having lots of people in town and lots of things to do (like decorating my grad cap and finding the right shoes). So, there really wasn’t a lot of time for my to sit down and write out a post. BUT MAN DID I HAVE A LOT OF FUN GRADUATE TIMES!

2. I needed new material

After five years of blogging it can be hard to come up with new material. And taking a step back from blogging taught me that there are plenty of great posts that I have coming up. Even though it means a little less material than usual, I definitely have bigger and better things for you this summer!

3. I needed a mental health break

Have you ever gotten to the point where you end up crying in the parking lot of a random restaurant in Creswell, Oregon? Between my recent breakup, finals, graduation, the 20 hours of road trips I did in a week, and the general stress of the next step in my life, I kind of reached my breaking point. I would be fine one second and crying the next. It’s a lot for one person. And when it comes to that point stepping back from obligations is the only choice that makes sense.

As someone who dislikes irresponsibility and not following through on something, I did not like this decision at first. But once the week was over and I began writing this post, I realized that it was exactly what I needed. Not doing school, work, or blogging taught me that I needed time to focus on myself and not everyone else. I give so much of myself and don’t take enough. This was me trying to take a little. Sue me.

But overall, taking this little mental health hiatus made me a lot stronger for a long summer of new material, consistent blog posts, and generally getting this blog onto a new level of awesome! Thank you for continuing to read this blog and being so understanding, because at the end of the day without acknowledging mental health this all would go down the drain and you’d be reading about recipes I like in every post. But I promise with this hiatus that won’t happen!


Thank you for being so understanding and being the best audience that any blogger could wish for! Check back on Wednesday for all the details on my graduation and all the other good stuff!

Stay classy, Internet,












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