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A Little Bit of Family Time

OMG! Where’s Morgan gone?!?

No fear, I am here! After almost a week of me not posting (more on that in a second) I am back and ready for more teenagery, enthusiastic fun! But before we get there let me explain my absence.

One thing you need to know is that while I am very close with my family, I very rarely see them. You see, my Dad’s sisters live very far away (one is all the way in Australia) and it makes frequent visits impossible. This past weekend I travelled to SoCal to visit his family. And while the sunshine was great, the people were even greater!

I’ve changed a lot since I last saw my family. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve seen my Australian cousins. Being able to reconnect with my family, seeing how much we’ve all grown as people, was absolutely brilliant! Last time I saw my cousins we were all little bratty kids, just like other elementary age kids. However, as we are all about university age (with the exception of my younger brother) we’ve all grown up, developed personalities and hobbies and interests. We’re all different but it makes us work. It was nice to be able to really meet my cousins, as I’ve now met them as real individuals, not just as little kids. (Last time I saw them, I was so confused by their accent that I think that was the only conversation I had with them.)

Now, Hegartys are a special brand. Think of molecules. When molecules are heated up, they tend to move faster. As more heat is added, the quicker the molecules move. The more Hegartys added in a room, the louder it gets. I’m a naturally loud person, but I am no competition for my family members. Sitting around a cluster of tables pushed together to accommodate all twelve of us, drinking wine and blueberry cream soda (made at a Fairbanks, Alaska brewery, courtesy of my aunt and uncle) we were loudly joking and teasing, and I loved it! I have such a great family and I am so blessed to spend time with them. I can’t wait for the next family reunion!

Anyway, the short version of my absence is that since Friday I have been spending some quality time with my family and wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. Plus, my gran’s rental had no Wi-Fi. To be honest, it was nice to put down the internet and live off the web a few days. You should all definitely try it.

And that’s my update! I was not kidnapped by aliens or forced to travel with cyborg monkeys. I just spend some time with some family.

Stay classy Internet,

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