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A Little Christmas Competition

Hi everyone! Your teenage blogger Morgan here.

It’s 13 days until Christmas here and we’re all counting down to the 25th. Between classes everyone is sharing and making their holiday plans. The cooking class is making Christmas cookies that seep into the air of the 1st floor. My house has been officially Santa-fied and we’re all tapping our toes in anticipation. Christmas is just that soon.

And of course with the Christmas spirit comes stories. Stories of your grandma baking cookies and your family cutting down your Christmas tree and the year Uncle Fred got really drunk on  eggnog and sang Christmas tunes to your cat. I am a huge fan of Christmas stories (especially heart warming and/or funny ones) and now is the time to tell me yours!

Basically, we’re having a fight to the death over who can tell the best Christmas story contest. You will e-mail me with your absolute best Christmas story. From there I will sort through all the stories and choose the one I liked the best and will feature it on my blog (giving full credit, of course). And, as all good contests do, here are some guidelines/rules.

Guidelines/Rules for the Totally Awesome Christmas Story Contest

  1. All Christmas stories will be e-mailed to (which is also a place to contact me on other requests).

  2. It must be Christmas related. Any stories not containing Christmas will immediately be disqualified.

  3. Grammar and spelling are much appreciated. If any major mistakes, I will contact you so you may fix them and re-enter them again.

  4. The subject line must read: Totally Awesome Christmas Story Contest

  5. One e-mail is allowed per person. No double entries please.

  6. All entries must be submitted by December 20th. All after will not be read.

  7. The winning entry will go up December 24th.

  8. Honorable mention will be given.

 And those are the guidelines/rules for the Totally Awesome Christmas Story Contest! Be sure to follow the guidelines to make sure your story is read. Some tips? Use lots of adjectives and have a pleasant ending. That’s the perfect way to win me over 🙂

Hope to hear your story soon!

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