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A Millennial's Thoughts on Online Dating During a Pandemic

I have spent a lot of time with my "couple friends" during this never-ending pandemic. Probably because they have houses with yards where it's easy to socially distance. Plus they have better snacks? Whatever it is, the common question that comes up while I'm third wheeling date night is "How's dating going?" and the short answer is, "It isn't."

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While I'm not out every week having drinks with strangers, I'm a fairly healthy dater and Bumble is a fair part of my social life. If I'm in a group setting, I'm probably going to tell you one of my many hilarious/traumatic/unbelievably wacky online dating stories that have made up my 20s. So in a world where limiting your social interactions is key to the country's overall health, how do you navigate dating?

Like many women in our 20s, we're looking to have fun, but also preparing to settle down. 12-year-old me was convinced I'd be married right now. I'm itching to find a life partner, but the world isn't on my side. My 2020 goal was to go on more dates, and my county keeps getting set back to Phase 1. How do I find a potential future dog dad in that?

Many are throwing caution to the wind and going on dates (socially distanced or not) and if that works for you, go get 'em tiger! I personally am sticking to my "corona circle" as numbers in my county are blasphemous. So what does one do if in person dates are off the table? FaceTime calls? A purely text relationship? Endlessly messaging on Bumble until one of you misses a notification? It adds a lot of stress onto something that's already stressful. And I don't have a childhood best friend who's hopelessly in love with me, so online dating is the only option for potential suitors.

Am I saying that online dating is impossible in a pandemic? Not at all. But it's about what you need from dating. I need someone who I can have banter with, watching movies and going on walks after hitting the taco truck. Purely in-person kind of stuff. And while banter is in large supply right now, in my area the numbers are not safe to be having romantic rendezvous in the park. Maybe when numbers go down. But until then, I may be having chat bubble conversations about whether a Labrador or Golden is cuter.

There's hope for online dating yet!

As a society, we've already accepted that the internet ruined courtship. But has this pandemic ruined it even more? Many are struggling with their mental health more than ever, and lay offs and health are creating stresses many couldn't imagine on New Year's Day. So I ask you, do you think it's possible to find, start, and continue a relationship during a pandemic?

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