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A Moment to Reflect

After what has been an absolutely heartbreaking week around the world, I cannot bring myself to talk about frivolous favourites and myself. Instead I would like to take a moment for us all to think about each disaster and those affected by it.

Prayers to those in the Caribbean, where Hurricane Irma is causing havoc and destroying lives. Supplies are extremely limited and power is out.

Prayers to those in Florida, where supplies are already limited and people have begun to be evacuated {along with several casualties} and they prepare for Hurricane Irma, which will be one of the most destructive hurricanes we’ve seen in the US in years. Donate

Prayers to those in Texas, who are dealing with the aftermath of Harvey, which has left many homeless, destroyed lives, and left a state in need of help in the most desperate of ways. Donate

And finally, prayers to those in Oregon, who have tasted, smelled, and seen the destruction of the Columbia Gorge. If you don’t know, a group of teenagers burnt down 33,000 acres of forestation last weekend and it has left the area smokey and inhabitable. I-84 is partly closed, people have had to evacuate, and many {like myself} are struggling to breathe with all of the ash and smoke in the air. Plus, our crown jewel is now a charred remnant that we all mourn. Donate


There are so many other horrible things going on that I have not mentioned – please don’t get me started on DACA – but I want us to think about those who have been affected by these disasters {each one has affected someone I care about}. They need our prayers, our thoughts, and, if you can, our donations.

With a weekend heading home to my parents, as I see the devastation of the Columbia Gorge from across the river, I hope we can all make better decisions than those teenagers who have destroyed everyone’s favourite part of Oregon.

Stay classy, Internet,

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