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A New Era for Enthusiasm

Hello Enthusiasts!

As you’re reading this you’re probably thinking, “Something about Morgan seems different. Did she get a haircut? Is that a new blouse?” The answer to both of those questions is no. I got a blog makeover.

Over the past few weeks I have been working closely with Sarah from Creativity Avenue to create a space that is more than just the general theme. I’ve had the same theme for almost two years and while I liked it, it just wasn’t me. And now I have a place that has been tailored to my own liking, so creating content is even more exciting than ever!

But this makeover is only the first of a lot of changes going on this month. We’ve reached the twenty day mark until I leave for uni and things are going to change.

I am no longer going to sit on my bum on my couch from 8 am until 3 pm reading a book. I will attend classes and make new friends. I won’t be able to sit with my laptop for several hours writing blog posts and my novel. I will be eating dorm food.

These changes are what happens when you get older. And you’ve been on the journey, you saw it coming.

You met me when I was fifteen. That was back when I posted every day with these little 100 words posts that were the usual fifteen-year-old blogging caliber. If you ever get bored, my January 2011 archive is quite interesting. I play piano and I sound terrible. You watched me as I went through friendships and boys and grades and other typical teenager things. You were the people I turned to when I could make sense of a situation. I don’t think you understand how powerful that is to me. You cheered me on both times I was Freshly Pressed and told me that you wished that you had my talent when you were sixteen/seventeen. And for the first time in my life, I felt like I possessed actual writing talent. Because even though my friends and family say that I have talent, hearing it from hundreds of strangers makes it so much more real. I went to Europe and I learned so much. And even though I only posted once in that whole ten days, you still stuck by me. You email me when I don’t post for three or four days. I sometimes get threatening messages that if I don’t post you’ll kill everything dear to me. Those threats are motivation to keep on writing. You’ve seen me grow from a fifteen-year-old girl who was just discovering blogger to the eighteen-year-old young woman who has discovered a community of people who make her feel like she’s worth something.

And now here we are, about to see me off to college. And everything is changing. I’m terrified and if you aren’t, you obviously don’t understand. I won’t be able to tweet about everything in my life (which you’ll probably appreciate) and I definitely won’t have time to make a movie review in an hour like I did last week. I’ll still keep posting, because this is my sacred place, because if I was to know at fifteen how my blogging life would be, with hundreds of people reading what I’m writing, I probably would have hit myself on the head and said, “Be realistic.”

So, it starts with a new design. And moves onto a new posting schedule. And then you add in university classes. But the girl behind it all, me, the one who pours her heart and thoughts into the Internet, she’s still the same. I’m still going to talk about how to deal with bullying and which current band has me swooning and my tricks on dealing with stress. That’s never going to change. Because no matter what happens to me, I’m always going to be myself.

Otherwise you might as well unsubscribe. The true me is the only one worth receiving emails about.

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. Make sure to check our Sarah’s blog and tell her thank you for this amazing design! I cannot think of enough ways to thank her for all her hard work.









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