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A Week With Fake Nails

*This post is not sponsored or gifted in any way. Opinions are my own and products linked do not support any company.

As a girl who’s never had a manicure, you can imagine my cuticles look like something out of a horror film. I’ve just never been into doing my nails. I had a small fling with nail polish in college, but that just ended 20 bottles of nail polish that are accumulating dust. But as I enter the adult world and spend a lot of time needing to look more put together – and stop picking my nails during conversations – I knew it was time to find a new tactic to my gruesome nail look. And that’s when I discovered press-on nails.

When I think of press-on nails I have visions of the overly-tacky-French-tip-those-cannot-be-real nails that you see on every sex worker in a bad comedy. But after some convincing from a friend, I tried the imPRESS nails and my entire imPRESSion has changed.

My friend explained to me that these aren’t with glue, but an extremely strong adhesive that helps the press-on lie that much closer to the real nail. This results in a more natural look and feel, which was pretty much the only way I was ever going to try them.

I picked up a pair of neutral, oval shaped ones and instantly fell in love. Yes – they were definitely too long and I filed them for hours – but I felt much more put together and they weren’t inconvenient in any way. 

They lasted for over a week (I eventually pulled them off because I wanted to try another pair), and definitely could have stayed on for another week. The adhesive is strong! And now I’m on my second pair and the amount of compliments I’ve received has gone to my head. 

The top 5 things I like about imPRESS nails:

  1. Extremely natural feeling and looking

  2. Takes about 5 minutes from start to finish and can be done anywhere – house, car, work, etc.

  3. Big range of sizes in the box so you can find a size that works for every nail

  4. Long lasting (I’m rough on my fingers and I haven’t had any fall off)

  5. Easy to remove and switch out nails. They’re extremely affordable, so switching also doesn’t break your budget

My only cons:

  1. If you don’t get the nail perfectly aligned with your cuticle it looks a little funny

  2. If you have shorter nail beds like me, you need to do quite a bit of filing to get a more natural feel

Overall, if you’re someone like me who doesn’t have the money/patience for a manicure – imPRESS nails are the way to go! I’ve already picked up a few new packs and am ready to have pretty hands for every holiday gathering.

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