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Actors Who Deserve Some Credit

Jesse Eisenberg

First film: Get Real

Best Known For: The Social Network

Loved him in: Zombieland

Why He Deserves Credit: Jesse always plays these socially awkward/quiet characters that always seem a little far from normal. But, he’s always got this little charm that everyone loves him for. Plus, he is so gorgeous! He truly is a great actor who plays his characters well. Can’t wait to see him in 30 Minutes or Less.

Troian Bellisario

First Film: Last Rites

Best Known For: Pretty Little Liars

Loved Her In: Consent

Why She Deserves Credit: Troian has been known to play these very self-confident characters who tend to suffer breakdowns or emotional stress. She plays these characters extremely well. Whenever I watch her I feel like it’s not Troian, but her character. Watch out for her in Peep World.

Emile Hirsch

First Film: Wild Iris

Best Known For: Speed Racer

Loved Him In: Girl Next Door

Why He Deserves Credit: With his charming good looks and occasional cocky characters (mostly sweet, caring characters), Emile always catches your eye. He plays his characters with such precision that I’m actually shocked to see he isn’t like them in real life. I also think he is the cutest thing. Even cuter than Jesse. I would definitely marry him. I’m excited to see him in The Darkest Hour.

Emma Watson

First Film: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Best Known For: The Harry Potter Films

Loved Her In: Ballet Shoes

Why She Deserves Credit: Although we all know Emma as the uptight, overly brilliant Hermione, she plays other parts where she is also a bright acting light. She is absolutely incredible with her acting ability and plays each character with such complete sincerity. It’s no wonder people adore her. And I will be counting the days until My Week with Marilyn comes out.

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