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All Grown Up With Somewhere To Go

As part of Urban Compass’s Starter Stories series, we’re going to talk about my newest housing adventure. About once a week I sit in my apartment, covered in a blanket with a cup of green tea and telly on in the background, and it occurs to me that I’m technically now an adult. I live in my own place, I buy my own groceries, and, as my high school government teacher always said, I can now be tried for the death penalty.

Okay, that quickly got dark.

But yeah, this year I moved into my own place, along with three other lovely girls, and it’s funny to think that I am independently living somewhere. After years of dreaming about being a grown up, here I am!

My roommates and I moved into one of the nicer complexes in my city. The whole apartment is very cute, and now that we’ve settled in and actually decorated it’s definitely become a home.

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Upon moving in, I immediately loved the space. It’s cute, clean, and everything is updated. For a first apartment (especially at the age of 19) it’s definitely a step up from the crappy one-bedrooms most college students are renting. And the fact that it’s furnished just makes it that much better.


Living room, complete with guinea pig cage and Christmas decorations


Trashy magazines to keep guests busy are a must

The best story I have of moving in would have to be when we discovered our front lock didn’t work. My roommates and I are as paranoid as they come, and we keep our door locked at all times (which confuses other people to no end). Anyway, after a few days into moving in we discovered our front door in fact did not not lock, which made us panic! Our complex has a great maintenance team and we immediately called them (and got voicemail) to which I, in complete panic, left this message, “Hi, the lock on our door doesn’t work and if you could like come and fix it that would be great because I’m scared of being killed and it would be pretty easy for murderers to get in. Please come soon!”

Great way to keep your cool, Morgan.

They call back about twenty minutes later and say, “Hi, first off we’d like to say that you should probably stop watching horror movies because this complex is very safe. Second, we’ll have Nick there in about twenty minutes.”

And that is the story of how Nick the Maintenance Man came and fixed our front door, ice maker, and dishwasher at 9:30 on a Thursday night. Nick is a saint in our apartment.


We accidentally gave our kitchen a red theme…


No kitchen is complete without flowers (courtesy of someone’s really nice boyfriend)

On our fridge door we have two pieces of paper.


My boyfriend forced us to meet our neighbours by stealing their balloon and then brutally murdering it with some kitchen scissors. Here is our only interaction with our very nice Arab neighbours, on two hilarious pieces of paper.


As a journalist my desk is always cluttered, which is why I took this from far away. You don’t need to see all of my mess 😉


The wall of insanity as I like to call it

The thing about moving into a place all your own is that you really do get to decorate how you want, and that means cramming stuff everywhere you can! I’m not one for the cluttered style, but when it came to my bookshelf area, I really just crammed every aspect of myself on one wall. I’ve got my Anglophile side, my cinephile side, my bibliophile side, and every other little thing I love (yoga, jewelry, bags, etc.) I really just love this wall because I feel like it has a lot of personality.


Those ducks though…


Over the door hanger is a must!

One thing I love about my apartment is that I have my own bathroom. After sharing a bathroom my whole life, having my own is absolutely amazing. I went for a yellow theme, and I’m really happy with how it all turned out. I have my iPad there because I like to blast my jams when I’m showering. And because of the positioning of my bathroom in the apartment, it’s basically soundproof so I can sing as loud as I like!


The least cluttered of everything

I figured I’d end with my bed because it’s probably where I spend most of my time. Whether I’m sleeping, doing homework, deciding what to wear, or talking with my best friend on the phone, I am on my bed a lot. It’s massive and the mattress is really soft. It is the most perfect bed on the planet. I love it.

And that’s kind of my apartment! Having lived here for a few months, it’s definitely been an adventure! Between maintenance issues, making sure rent is paid, and just co-exisiting with three other people, it’s all been fun and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!

Stay classy, Internet,










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