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Almond Cow: A Sustainable Way to Never Buy Milk Again

*Content is not sponsored and all opinion are my own

Throughout the pandemic we've all had our projects to keep us busy. We learned to knit, bake banana bread, grow vegetable gardens...the list goes on. I discovered that plant-based milk can be made at home. After watching videos on TikTok on how to use a blender and cloth to get the perfect consistency I knew that, as much as I love oat milk, making it at home was laborious. Work smarter, not harder. And that's when I discovered the Almond Cow: the Plant-Based Milk Maker, my best quarantine purchase I will never regret.

It started as a targeted ad, but sometimes the FBI agent who tracks my search history does a good job. I was intrigued from the minute I saw this stainless steel beauty on my screen. The Almond Cow promises plant-based milk at the touch of a button. It does all the messy work of separating the milk from the pulp, making your milk instantly ready to drink or pour in your coffee. And the extensive recipe guide on their website rivals some cookbooks for creativity. But it is worth the $195 price tag for homemade milk?

Before purchasing I did the math. I took the oat milk I buy every week and calculated how much I spend in a year solely on oat milk. At $2.29 a quart, that's $119.08 a year on oat milk. Yikes. Now, if I make it at home, the supplies of oats, vanilla, maple syrup, and salt cost roughly $25 a year if I was to make oat milk every week. If I own the Almond Cow for five years, the cost of making milk a year is only $64. That's $1.23 every week for 1.5 quarts (yes, it makes more than what I buy in the store!) And for 10 years it's only $44.50 a year! That's $74.58 more a year I can spend not on milk.

And you're not limited to one kind of milk - for less than a bottle of water you can make over a quart of almond milk, barley milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, peanut milk...and so much more! When I told this to my friend who has a family full of different allergies, she knew this was the cheapest way to make sure her family has allergen-free milk every week.

Pricing aside, the ease of this machine is everything. Simply put your ingredients in the filter basket, put milk in the base, screw on the top, press a button, and you're done. It takes me longer to decide what I'm making for dinner. Combine that with instantly being able to enjoy (coffee lovers rejoice!) and the lazy girl inside of me could not be happier. Also fantastic if you're out of milk for a baking. Plus their website has so many non-milk recipes that you could make a different drink every day if you wanted.

And if sustainability is your focus, they have an entire page of their website focused on explaining how using the Almond Cow is the low-energy zero waste option you've been looking for.

If you're still spending $119 on milk every year, I can promise you this is a purchase you won't regret. In the 6+ months I've owned mine, the Almond Cow has come in handy more than once. For example, this morning when I spontaneously decided to have cereal.

Work smarter, not harder. And stay classy, y'all!

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